The Speaker 2017

比赛简介 Overview

香港作为国际都会,无论学术交流还是跨国商贸往来,均多以英语进行。帮助年轻一代克服对英语的紧张,进而流畅自信地与别人交流,连结各方以成好事,对我们的未来甚有裨益。有见及此,香港电台文教组去年举办首届The Speaker全港中学生英语演讲比赛;承蒙听众及学界鼎力支持,吸引过百中学生参加,反应热烈!

踏入第二届,我们再接再厉,鼓励学生以「Our world in ten years」为题发表英文演讲,让他们发挥创意、引发思考、憧憬未来。今年参赛学生逾二百四十人,奇思妙想令人拍案叫绝。几经讨论,评审团选出最后十强,参加2月26日举行之The Speaker全港中学生英语比赛2017总决赛,由评判陆恭蕙、石永泰等人选出冠、亚、季军。诚邀各位重温决赛当日盛况!


得奖者 Winners

老师短讯 Teacher's Messages

Ms. Kathy Cheung
Law Ting Pong Secondary School
Our students enjoy oral work very much. They enjoy debating and have a strong desire to express their views and ideas. The Speaker 2016 was a valuable platform for them to have their voice heard.

Mr. John Ng
St Paul’s College
This is a professional and well-organised competition that engages young learned minds in evaluating social paradigms and develops participants’ oratory eloquence. My students have grown to be confident communicators. The experience gained is useful for their life and academic pursuits.

Ms. Karen Or
Christian Alliance SC Chan Memorial College
The Speaker is a platform for students looking for a new level of experience and challenge. We recommend those who are eager to stretch their limits and test themselves to go for it as we believe they’ll reap in joy.

Ms. Aparna Sachar
TWGHs Chen Zao Men College
Don't be too tense! Enjoy the process and the final delivery!

参赛学生留言 About the Contestants