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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Ian Pooler


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Selected audio segments:
Foreign news groups briefed on extradition bill reporting  Listenfacebook
The Foreign Ministry's office in Hong Kong has confirmed it briefed foreign media organisations operating in the SAR on Tuesday about reporting on the government's controversial extradition bill. It called on overseas journalists to report on the proposed amendments in a "fair, balanced and objective" manner. It also told them to “inject positive energy” into their reporting, as Priscilla Ng reports:
Beijing’s lecture on reporting ‘likely to backfire’  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong journalists and others have voiced alarm about Beijing's briefing for foreign media organisations on how to report on the extradition bill. Florence de Changy, the outgoing president of the Foreign Correspondents' Club, Hong Kong, said it was not in the tradition of western media to be told by any government what to write about. Former Democratic Party chairwoman Emily Lau, who used to be a journalist herself, described the media briefing as "preposterous". Janice Wong asked Chris Yeung, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, what he made of the Foreign Ministry’s move:
Joseph Lau scores a win in his bid to halt extradition bill  Listenfacebook
Fugitive tycoon Joseph Lau's hopes of fighting the government's extradition bill have been given a boost, after the High Court decided to allow a prominent London lawyer to represent him in a judicial review application. In doing so, it overruled objections from the Hong Kong Bar Association and the Secretary for Justice. Richard Pyne has the details:
Tien says HK will need to choose sides in trade war  Listenfacebook
The honorary chairman of the pro-business Liberal Party, James Tien, urged Hong Kong on Thursday to carefully consider its position as the trade war between the US and China intensifies. Tien also believes the conflict will see American businesses increasingly leaving Hong Kong because their money will no longer be welcomed by Beijing. He was speaking to RTHK's Kelvin Ng:
Trade war ‘is not prompting’ Americans to leave HK  Listenfacebook
A member of President Trump's Republican Party in Hong Kong dismissed the suggestion by honorary Liberal Party head James Tien that an exodus of American business from Hong Kong is imminent because of the US-China trade war. Tariq Dennison, the secretary of Republicans Overseas Hong Kong, told Annemarie Evans such fears are overblown, that Americans aren't looking to leave:
HK men lose review of their Philippine conviction for drugs  Listenfacebook
Four Hong Kong men, sentenced to life in prison in the Philippines for drug possession, will appeal their convictions. They made the decision after a court in Manila dismissed their applications for a judicial review on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence to prove their guilt. Todd Harding reports:
EOC calls for better education on sexual harassment  Listenfacebook
The Equal Opportunities Commission has warned that people in Hong Kong generally can't accurately define sexual harassment, which can be broad and of a civil offence nature. The anti-discrimination watchdog says any unwelcome sexual acts towards a person - causing her or him to feel uncomfortable - can be regarded as sexual harassment, even just unwelcome eye contact. EOC member Rizwan Ullah told Ian Pooler it's important that the problem be treated seriously and to get that message across to the community, particularly ethnic minorities: