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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Warning shot fired as police come under attack from protesters   Listenfacebook
For the first time since the anti-extradition protests flared up in June, Police have fired a round of live ammunition - a warning shot. Officers under attack from stick-wielding protesters also pointed their guns at the crowd after a largely peaceful rally in Tsuen Wan on Sunday again descended into violence. The force also deployed its new water-cannon vehicles for the first time. RTHK’s Richard Pyne was in Tsuen Wan following developments:
Police call warning shot “necessary and reasonable"   Listenfacebook
The police have defended the firing of a warning shot during a violent confrontation with protesters in Tsuen Wan as “necessary and reasonable". At a press conference early Monday, senior superintendent Yolanda Yu said six officers had been sent out to deal with a group of people she described as 'rioters' who had ‘recklessly damaged’ several shops, when they were surrounded and attacked by a group of over 100 people. She confirmed the officers pulled out their guns and pointed them at protesters, saying they were right to do so and had demonstrated great restraint and bravery. Damon Pang reports:
Protesters target alleged triad interests in Tsuen Wan   Listenfacebook
The warning shot fired by a police man happened near the intersection of Chuen Lung Street and Sha Tsui Road in Tsuen Wan. In nearby Yi Pei Square, dozens of black-clad protesters on Sunday evening attacked what they alleged were triad-run establishments. This was apparently in reprisal over clashes in the same area earlier this month where one man suffered a severe chop wound. Violet Wong reports:
Appeal for calm after latest clashes   Listenfacebook
Protests also erupted in other areas of Kowloon on Sunday evening. Police made several arrests in Sham Shui Po, where the police station was again beset by masked demonstrators. Protesters also again targetted the Cross-Harbour Tunnel at Hung Hom, smashing up traffic lights and security cameras while allowing drivers to pass through for free. Professor Paul Yip from the University of Hong Kong's Department of Social Work and Social Administration says both demonstrators and police need to calm down for their own sakes and the good of Hong Kong. Mike Weeks asked him what kind of toll two and a half months of protests are likely to have had on the morale of the force:
MTR shuts HQ over fears of protester backlash   Listenfacebook
The MTR Corporation shut its Kowloon Bay headquarters on Monday to ensure the safety of its staff. That's because of fears the rail giant may be targetted by activists after it closed multiple stations around protest sites over the weekend. The move followed criticism of the MTR by state-run media, which accused it of facilitating anti-government protests by running special trains to ferry demonstrators and other passengers away during confrontations with police. Cecil Wong has the details:
Ho Iat Seng endorsed as Macau CE   Listenfacebook
The former president of Macau’s Legislative Assembly, Ho Iat Seng, has become the third chief executive of the neighbouring SAR in an uncontested race. Altis Wong reports:
Iran’s top diplomat suprises Trump at G7   Listenfacebook
Iran’s foreign minister has made an unscheduled visit to the G7 summit in Biarritz, amid diplomatic attempts by France to reduce tensions over Tehran's nuclear programme. The White House denied that the US was told about Javad Zarif's arrival in advance. He met European politicians including the French President and discussed plans to try to break the deadlock between the US and Iran. Mike Weeks asked RTHK’s international economics correspondent, Barry Wood, if Trump was ambushed by France’s President Emanuel Macron with the appearance of Zarif: