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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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11 arrested so far over Yuen Long gang attack  Listenfacebook
Five more men were arrested on Tuesday over Sunday's ferocious attack on people in Yuen Long station. Six had been rounded up in a series of raids on Monday, some of whom are said by police to be triad gang members. Eleven of the 45 victims of the attack remain in hospital, one in a critical condition. But life in Yuen Long gradually returned to normal on Tuesday though some shopkeepers said they were still on edge. Pro-democracy lawmaker Chu Hoi-dick urged the people of Hong Kong not to take out their anger over the Yuen Long station violence on New Territories villagers. The head of the Heung Yee Kuk, Kenneth Lau, also urged anti-extradition protesters not to take revenge by desecrating the graves of rural villagers. The appeal from the chairman of the rural body came after damage was reported to the grave of Junius Ho's ancestors. The embattled pro-Beijing lawmaker expressed anger over the alleged desecration. Ho has been under fire since a video circulated apparently showing him greeting a group of white-shirted attackers in Yuen Long on Sunday. Frances Sit has the details:
Police should welcome a commission of inquiry: Anson Chan  Listenfacebook
Calls are growing for an independent investigation of the whole extradition-bill crisis, which has seen Hong Kong rocked by several weeks of mass protests. More than 30 former government officials and politicians on Tuesday appealed to Chief Executive Carrie Lam to set up an independent inquiry, saying the community has become so divided that it's the only way to mend the rift. The joint letter was signed by democrats such as Audrey Eu and Yeung Sum, as well as former chief secretary Anson Chan, former civil service chief Denise Yue and ex-security secretary Peter Lai. Chan told Priscilla Ng the investigation could study why opposition to the bill was so fierce as well as the circumstances that led to clashes between protesters and police:
Patten ‘didn’t think things would get this bad’ in HK  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's last colonial governor, Chris Patten, says a commission of inquiry would be an important step towards reconciliation in the city. Patten told RTHK he shared the anxiety of his friends in Hong Kong when he watched footage of the attacks from last Sunday, when the SAR was rocked by some of the worst violence it's seen since the handover 22 years ago. He told Richard Pyne that he was most concerned with getting to the truth:
Cash handout urged to ease tensions  Listenfacebook
The New People's Party has asked the government to give a cash handout of HK$8,000 to every adult permanent resident to help cheer them up amid the current extradition-bill turmoil. This was among a series of relief proposals it made to the Financial Secretary Paul Chan on Tuesday for next year’s budget. Mike Weeks asked party leader and Executive Councillor Regina Ip why she was proposing a handout now:
Hardline premier Li Peng dies at 90  Listenfacebook
Former Premier Li Peng has died in Beijing, aged 90. The Xinhua news agency said he succumbed to an unspecified illness on Monday evening. Li was best known for taking the lead in the brutal suppression of the Tiananmen Square democracy protests in 1989. Maggie Ho has more:
Boris Johnson to lead Britain over Brexit challenge  Listenfacebook
There was no surprise in the UK on Tuesday as Boris Johnson was elected to take over from Prime Minister Theresa May. But he will lead a deeply divided Conservative Party, which relies on the support of the Ulster Unionists for its very slim majority in Parliament and which is polling at just 23 percent. Ian Pooler asked London-based correspondent Peter Anderson how long Johnson can stay in power: