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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ian Pooler


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Government acts to improve drinking water  Listenfacebook
The government is planning to test hundreds of water samples next year, as part of efforts to improve safety standards following a tainted water scandal two years ago. Back then, the Democratic Party found water at several public housing estates was contaminated with lead. The new test results will help the government decide if it needs higher standards than the World Health Organisation benchmark. But as Timmy Sung reports, officials have rejected recommendations by a Commission of Inquiry to test drinking water at all public housing estates:
Expert plays down concerns over plastic-tainted tap water  Listenfacebook
The lead contamination in Hong Kong's public housing has been well-documented, but what about microscopic plastic contamination in tap water? A recent global study found 83 percent of tap water samples from 14 countries contained microscopic plastic fibres. The US had the worst contamination rate at 94 percent. European nations, including the UK, Germany and France, had the lowest, but that was still 72 percent. And what about Hong Kong? Lincoln Fok, assistant professor in the Department of Science and Environmental Studies at the Education University, told Ian Pooler about his efforts to test for plastic fibres in Hong Kong's drinking water:
HKU student activists escape jail sentences  Listenfacebook
The former leader of the Hong Kong University Students' Union, Billy Fung, has been spared jail for his role in the chaos at an HKU Council meeting in Jaunary last year. He was ordered to perform 240 hours of community service. Maggie Ho reports:
CUHK student union removes pro-independence banner  Listenfacebook
The Chinese University has welcomed the removal of a controversial pro-independence banner that has been flying on campus for days. It was taken down by the university's student union. University officials say they will maintain dialogue with the union on how an area is managed should be used. Damon Pang reports:
S&P downgrades China’s credit rating  Listenfacebook
Ratings agency Standard and Poor's has cut the sovereign rating of China by one notch, citing concerns over a prolonged period of credit boom. This is a second downgrade by a major ratings agency this year and comes ahead of next month's key party congress. Tom McAlinden reports: