Striking Chords - Memorable encounters with great artists 艺人艺谈

Striking Chords - Memorable encounters with great artists 艺人艺谈

类型:声音语言:英文分类:Personalities FeatureMusic状态:播放中 节目简介: This year marks the 40th anniversary of Radio 4. Our celebration starts with Jonathan Douglas’ brainchild – Striking Chords.

Jonathan is our most senior full-time presenter. Over the years, he has spoken to hundreds of artists in his various programmes. This year, he has chosen forty from his pool of interviews and will upload them onto our website. In January, April, July and October, four batches of ten interviews each will be available for podcast.




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Lorin Maazel 马锡尔 00:06:51 2014-09-30
The recent news of conductor Lorin Maazel’s death made his inclusion a priority. I have interviewed him at least three times, the most recent being his visit in 2012 with the Philharmonia of London. He was at his most charming and chatty and even revealed the secret of his undiminished energy. In his mid-80s he was busier than ever!