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Ŏ榈籭띣掕ろ- 艭菱륙籞﷿﷿
Songs of the Earth睭 Hakka Ladies Love to Sing


42nd Intercom Competition ﷿ Silver Plaque 䍎﷿ﺶ홥혰閭奄調쭙﷿눰嵗꺐큢 ﷿ 


Executive Producer睭 Elizabeth WONG
Director: Winnie HO
Broadcast date睭

Media ၞ꽾 Real ၞ꽾

湭艭菱쉗- ₌䑑調慲ၬꩾ窂詟䶖륞袟ࠢ颃﷿﷿Ꙕ硩﷿ᝧͿ﷿佧䑑調걒慲ၬቩᒐ佧艭菱ǿ廬챥舤颗灰袟艭菱ǿ﷋₌♿籭饬匰﷿끛啐ﺽ戮₌艭菱䡙﷿䑑﷿閆﷿﷿㑿ǿ﷋鉺₌颗벃岄榈籭繢쾍큸慲﷿얃掠ǿ ﷋妎鉺橛㑦ٝ艭菱﷿툰멎﷿젰栰﷿鉺溏넃ᇿ㉚陋踤鎆噧봰晫筞慲﷿榈툰﷿⿿﯍륞榈籭华者ꭳ㡸ᇿ㉚ǿ

Hakka is an ethnic group in China that is not based in any one region. But all over the world, wherever there is a Chinese community you﷿ll find Hakka people. One very unique tradition of Hakka is their singing. Like the Spanish Flamenco or the Portuguese Fado, it﷿s the music that comes from the ordinary people, from their everyday life. It is an expression of their joy and sorrow. However, this tradition is gradually dying. Wong Hung Ying, a singer in the Weizhou Folk Dance and Music Troupe, makes it her mission to preserve this folk culture for prosperity.

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