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Please support Operation Santa Claus

For the past 30 years, Operation Santa Claus has received heartwarming support from hundreds of thousands of supporters. Your help has enabled us to financially support many not-for-profit organisations that serve the less fortunate in Hong Kong. This Christmas, we invite you to join us again to bring hope & joy to those in need.

This year, Operation Santa Claus is helping 14 local charities with projects that will improve the quality of life for children, youth, the elderly, and those in need.

Your help will make a real difference to them. Please support or donate to us now.

Operation Santa Claus was established by RTHK and the South China Morning Post to connect the local community with worthwhile charities. Since 1988, OSC has brought joy, goodwill and HK$260 million to 250 charities.





「爱心圣诞大行动」由南华早报及香港电台合办,旨在改善弱势人士的生活。自1988年举办以来,一共筹得港币$2亿6千万,资助超过 250 个慈善项目,为许多有需要人士带来希望。