Beneficiaries 受惠机构


Your donations will help seven projects in providing residential care and counselling service to teenage girls; expressive art therapy to at-risk students; speech and language training to children of deaf adults; developmental support for children in residential care; educational support for underprivileged ethnic minority students; empower ethnic minority youth at risk of substance abuse; and support parents of children with learning disabilities.


Changing Young Lives Foundation

Changing Young Lives Foundation supports and inspires underprivileged young people in Hong Kong and the Mainland by helping them to acquire the knowledge and skills to realise their full potential. The OSC funded Art to Heart Expressive Arts Therapy Program (ATH) will provide a series of expressive arts workshops to help at-risk students develop emotional competence, resilience and brand-new ways of self-expression.

No. of beneficiaries: 160 secondary students (aged 13 to 18) with or at-risk of emotional disturbance

成长希望基金旨在透过协助香港及内地贫困儿童建立不同技能和知识,启发及支持他们发挥一己所长。「爱心圣诞大行动」筹得款项会拨捐他们基金旗下的「艺 X 述」-- 表达艺术计划,透过不同的艺术媒介,协助情绪受困扰的青少年提升个人能力、学习技巧与沟通能力,从而打开心扉。

受惠人数:160 名,13至18岁受情绪困扰的中学生

Radio 3’s Queenie Man, spoke to Caribbean Chan, Executive Director, and Peggy Tse, Expressive Arts Project Coordinator from Changing Young Lives Foundation about their Art to heart outreach programme.
CODA Hong Kong Limited

CODA Hong Kong was established in 2013 and strives to support deaf families and their children by empowering them to face challenges in the hearing community through addressing their emotional, social and language development, as well as their identity and family issues. The project 'SHALL WE "TALK"?' will allow the children of deaf families to receive language assessments and follow up services, and provide parenting workshops and counselling service to the deaf families.

No. of beneficiaries: 100 Children of Deaf Adults (CODAs), 300 deaf parents & teachers and 90 volunteers

香港聋人子女协会是一间成立于2013年的认可慈善机构。协会旨在协助聋人家庭的子女认知自己双语、双文化的独特身份,让他们学习成长、发展潜能,从而建立互助社群及积极的人生观。「童声童戏 : 聋人子女说话及语言发展计划」会为聋人家庭及其子女提供语言评估、小组跟进、家长工作坊、及辅导服务等。


The organisation's founder, Cindy Chan, talks to Ian Pooler about some of the challenges that families can face.

Home Care for Girls

Home Care for Girls is a non-profit organization founded by Sister Agnes Ho. It provides a safe and caring environment where girls under stress can experience compassion and live a stable life away from problematic family situations. The project aims to provide a short -term residential services for teenage girls aged 14-18 who suffer from family problems and abuse. Through counselling and care, Home Care for Girls endeavors to let the girls experience the warmth and love of a home, and to nurture them so that they may value life.

No. of beneficiaries: 50 girls


受惠人数: 50名14-18岁少女

Radio 3’s Phil whelan, spoke to Elf Wong from Homecare For Girls.

Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities

The Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities is a parent self-help group established in 1998, and was registered as a charity organization in 1999. The “Alongside” Parent Support Program will enable the association’s existing members to support the new members closely, while the new members are being trained to support future members, building a strong parent network. A parent emotional support program and strengthened hotline service will be provided to members under stress.

No. of beneficiaries: 1,680 parents of SLD children



Radio 3’s Joseph Li, spoke to Connie To, who is in charge of the Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities, and also to the organisation coordinator Karina Chan, who is also the mother of a child experiencing dyslexia.

Integrated Brilliant Education Trust

The Integrated Brilliant Education Trust is a charity providing critically needed educational support, with special emphasis on Chinese language learning, to Hong Kong's underprivileged ethnic minority students. Raised funds will help to set up IBET's second EDB-approved Centre in Sham Shui Po. In addition to educational support, the Centre empowers the students with the requisite educational life-skills needed to blossom in the local schooling system and to seamlessly integrate into Hong Kong's social fabric.

No. of beneficiaries: 100 - 120 Chinese Speaking kindergartens, primary, and secondary students


受惠人数:100 至 120 名 就读于中文幼稚园、小学及中学的少数族裔学生。

Radio 3’s Angie Man, spoke to Manoj Dhar, CEO & Co-founder of Integrated Brilliant Education Trust(IBET) at their Jordan Centre about their educational support, particularly Chinese language learning, to those underprivileged ethnic minority students. Angie also chatted with their students Siddhanth and Shirley.

KELY Support Group Limited

KELY Support Group (KELY) is a non-government funded bilingual organisation which provides support to youth between the ages of 14 and 24 in Hong Kong from Chinese-speaking, Ethnic Minority and English-speaking backgrounds. The project is a new multi-year programme targeting at-risk Ethnic Minority young people. 80 disadvantaged young people will take part to build protective factors against drug use and then learn technical and creative skills. They will use these skills to develop culturally appropriate drug awareness resources that will be shared across the schools and through other networks. Peer supporters and mentors further support these young people.

No. of beneficiaries: 120 ethnic minority youths


受惠人数:120 名少数族裔青年

Radio 3's Thomas Latter spoke to Jenny Bate of the Kelly Support Group. His goal was to find out more about their ExCel program and how it aims to support the youth of Hong Kong.

Po Leung Kuk - Social Services Department
保良局 - 社会服务部

Po Leung Kuk Social Service Department’s Care Angels Project aims to provide development opportunities in positive personalities and attributes to Po Leung Kuk’s 24-hour residential children, aged 0 - 6. The Attachment program and the Joy to Learn program of the project comprises bonding enhancement sessions and activities, individualised programs, as well as training to help professionals, parents, caregivers and volunteers.

No. of beneficiaries: 230 children

Care Angels计划旨在帮助接受保良局 24小时儿童住宿服务的新生婴儿及六岁以下儿童,让他们建立积极正面的性格,帮助他们茁壮成长。项目会定期举办增进家庭关系的活动、提供针对个人需要度身订造的支援,以及为社会工作者、儿童护理员、父母、照顾者及义工而设的训练课程。


The Po-Lueng-Kuk runs over 260 units throughout the city, providing welfare, educational, recreational and cultural services to the community. Radio 3’s Steve James met up with service development officer Rebecca Chan at their offices in Causeway Bay........