Beneficiaries 受惠机构


Your generosity will allow early detection and timely treatment of common physical and mental health problems for 120 vulnerable old people.


Rehabaid Society

Rehabaid Society, a registered charitable organisation, has been serving the community for over 35 years. Its service scope includes rehabilitation, health and wellness, architecture and accessibility, and providing comprehensive community rehabilitation services for the frail elderly and people with special needs. The “Healthy Aging in Place” project aims to achieve early detection and treatment of potential physical and mental health problems common to elderly people through conducting comprehensive assessments by therapist. It encourages elderly people to take charge of their own health condition by teaching them and their carers home safety and home-based rehabilitation exercises.

No. of beneficiaries: 120 elderly people and their families

复康资源协会是注册慈善组织,扎根社区三十多年,为残疾人士提供复康治疗及住屋建构顾问服务。复康资源协会基于预防胜于治疗的理念,举办「『老』友记 - 行得走得计划」,为居住在家的长者及其家人提供社区为本的基层预防医疗服务。职业或物理治疗师会为长者进行系统性的功能评估,让他们尽早发现及防治潜在的身心健康问题,服务也包括教导长者如何于家中进行健康运动,并提供家居环境安全改善建议。


The Rehabaid Society’s CEO, Dr. Cecilia Lam, spoke to Hugh Chiverton about a project encouraging healthy aging at home.