Events 活动内容
“Operation Santa Claus 2017” Marks its Pearl Anniversary
Over HK$15 Millions Raised for 14 NGOs
Opening Ceremony Highlights 揭幕礼精华片段

Giving is more gratifying than receiving. Over the past 30 years, Hong Kong people have shown their generosity by donating or participating in “Operation Santa Claus” (OSC), one of Hong Kong’s biggest annual fundraising campaigns jointly organised by Radio Television Hong Kong Radio 3 (RTHK) and South China Morning Post (SCMP). The theme for this year is “Changing Lives for Good”. The fundraising campaign, held over the last two months, demonstrated the notable concern and support of the public towards those in need. A total raised of HK$15,154,186 was revealed at the closing ceremony on 16 January by officiating guests, Director of Broadcasting LEUNG Ka-wing, Chief Executive Officer of South China Morning Post Gary LIU and OSC 2017 Ambassador Gin LEE, and representatives of donors and beneficiaries.

LEUNG Ka-wing and Gary LIU expressed their sincere thanks to the supportive and generous patrons at the event. A number of outstanding donors received awards during the ceremony. Discovery Mind School was awarded “Top School Fundraiser”. The “Most Creative School Fundraiser” went to International College Hong Kong. Apart from schools, corporations also put in much efforts in initiating creative fundraising ideas for the good cause. Morgan Stanley was recognised as “Top Corporate Fundraiser”, and Clifford Chance attained the “Most Creative Corporate Fundraiser”. As for the newly-established Fun4funds awards, St. Clare’s Girls School attained “Top Fundraiser”, and Shung Tak Catholic English College got the “Most Effective Community Contribution” award.

The evening got off to a rousing, and very surprising start, as three internationally acclaimed opera singers who had been posing as waiters and serving our guests, suddenly burst into song. The Singing Waiters, led by tenor Tomos Griffiths (who has appeared many times on the stage of Her Majesty’s Theatre London in the lead role of the Phantom Of The Opera), treated the crowd to one of the great opera arias “Nessun Dorma” by a renowned Italian opera composer Puccini. Besides, OSC 2017 Ambassador Gin LEE expressed her appreciation towards people’s generosity and willingness to help the ones in need. She also encouraged the public to pass on the love and support among the society. The song “You’ve Got a Friend” that she performed on stage filled the occasion with warmth.

Closing Ceremony Highlights 闭幕礼精华片段
Full programme 全个节目

有云:行善最乐 福有攸归。过去30年,大众积极参与由香港电台第三台及南华早报合办的大型年度筹款活动「爱心圣诞大行动」,尽展慷慨关怀之心。「爱心圣诞大行动2017」以「有爱『变』最好」作号召,在过去两个月为14间受惠机构筹款,资助他们拓展更多的社会服务予有需要人士。为庆祝珍珠禧庆典的年度筹款活动顺利进行,大会于1月16日举行闭幕礼,广播处长梁家荣、南华早报行政总裁刘可瑞,以及「爱心圣诞大行动2017」大使李幸倪(Gin LEE)应邀担任主礼嘉宾,联同受惠机构及企业代表揭晓本年度筹得共港币15,154,186元善款,并颁发奖项嘉许多个优秀筹款团体及支持机构。

活动上,梁家荣及刘可瑞分别向出席的支持机构及团体致谢,赞扬他们在过去多年尽心尽力策划筹款活动及慷慨解囊。现场更颁发奖项予多个优秀团体,以表扬他们多月来的努力和卓越构思。今年,弘志教育机构(Discovery Mind School)成为「最高筹款大奖(学校)」得主;而「最具创意大奖(学校)」则由沙头角国际学校(International College Hong Kong)夺得。除学校外,多个团体亦发挥「为善最乐」的精神。「最高筹款大奖(企业)」由摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)夺得;高伟绅律师事务所(Clifford Chance)则获得「最具创意大奖(企业)」。今年新增的「Fun4Funds」项目中,由圣嘉勒女书院(St. Clare’s Girls School)夺得「最高筹款大奖」;而「社区贡献大奖」(Most effective community contribution award)则由天主教崇德英文书院(Shung Tak Catholic English College)夺得。

活动甫开始,三位享誉国际的歌剧演唱家组成的「The Singing Waiters」化身侍应生,为嘉宾送上茶点。正当嘉宾接过饮料时,他们忽然在旁高歌一曲,为观众送上著名意大利歌剧作家普千尼(Puccini)为人熟悉的歌剧咏叹调《公主彻夜未眠》(Nessun Dorma),以他们别开生面的表演为活动揭开序幕,获得掌声如雷。「The Singing Waiters」的男高音歌手Tomos Griffiths曾多次于女王陛下剧院(Her Majesty’s Theatre London)上演的歌剧《歌声魅影》(The Phantom Of The Opera)担当主要角色。此外,「爱心圣诞大行动2017」大使李幸倪(Gin LEE)表示很高兴看到社会有着一股共襄善举凝聚力,大家守望相助,希望这份爱得以延续。而李幸倪更上台献唱助兴,送上歌曲《You’ve Got a Friend》。