About the Concert 节目简介

Christmas On the Beat – A March and Dance Gala

You are cordially invited to join us at our annual Christmas Concert in the Park.

This year, the Christmas party will take place on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in the city centre of Kowloon. The Piazza of Kowloon Park will be filled with musicians, music lovers, and good music.

The Hong Kong Chamber Wind Philharmonia under the direction of conductor Victor Tam will bring you a rhythmic Christmas. The Programme includes popular dance music such as Blue Danube Waltz and Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka by Johannes Strauss Jr., and selections from Tchaikovsky’s famous Nutcracker Ballet. There will be a group of performers marching in to the Piazza and they may invite you to sing along with them!

The Learners Chorus and the bass singer Apollo Wong will not only present a brand new Christmas Medley to you but also follow the tradition of the Christmas Concert in the Park and help with the sing-along. And for the thirteenth years in a row, Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus can be heard too.

The young talented percussionist, Elise Liu, one of Radio 4’s Young Music Makers, will be the soloist this year. She will present the premiere of Dancing on the Woods, a work consists of a number of dance tunes for marimba and wind band, , arranged by young Hong Kong composer Edward Lun. She will also play the second movement form the Marimba Concerto by the French composer Emmanuel Séjourné. Elise is a percussion performance major student at the prestigious Eastman School of Music, studying under the guidance of Professor Michael Burritt.

Our MC is both a musician and magician. The concert will surely be filled with magic moments! With the introductions from Harry Wong, you will get in love with every single note heard in the Park Concert!

The Pre-Show performance is special. At about 2:45pm, a group of Chinese music players will warm the venue up with a series of Christmas carols. Yes, famous carols played in a Chinese musical style and on traditional Chinese instruments. It’s the East meets West section of the Gala!

Bring your family and be there early. See you then!

圣诞节奏魅力 – 进行曲与舞曲嘉年华



谭子辉领导的香港爱乐室乐管乐团将会带来一系列的和舞曲和进行曲。除了来自维也纳史特劳斯的圆舞曲「蓝色多瑙河」、波卡尔舞曲(「雷鸣与闪电」) 「闲聊波尔卡」以及柴可夫斯基的芭蕾舞组曲 「胡桃夹子」外,还有大班乐手巡游进场,甚至一边步操一边邀请你加入打气!


至于今年的特别嘉宾,是第四台的「乐坛新秀2015」廖智敏。她现于美国伊士曼音乐学院 (Eastman School of Music) 修读学士学位, 师随知名敲击乐独奏家及作曲家麦可‧伯瑞教授。 音乐会中,廖智敏将首演由香港年轻作曲家伦伟杰创作的马林巴琴与管乐团新曲「木上之舞」。她亦会演奏法国作曲家斯庄尼的「马林巴琴协奏曲」的第二乐章。

今年的音乐会将会带来一点意想不到的喜悦! 因为,这位司仪会变戏法。他要把这个下午变得更加快乐和难忘,令你陶醉于乐声之中的每个音符! 他是Harry 哥哥 - 王者匡。

同场前奏同样精彩。乐坛新秀一班中乐好手将送上有中国特色的圣诞节歌曲,确实是一次中西合璧! 他们会让入场的每一位准备就绪,看得更投入、听得更全神。