About the Concert 节目简介

Christmas Concert in the Park … Let’s get started from 1928…

1928 marked the birth of the broadcast industry in Hong Kong. The label of GOW became the first brand of radio station ever in the colony. Nearly a decade earlier, a new style of jazz music was created in ‘Dixieland’, USA, which represented the spirit of New Orleans’ big band music among the following generations. Basin Street Blues was written by Spencer Williams in 1928 and a few jazz giants like Louis Armstrong and Glenn Miller made it popular.

2018, not only marks the anniversary of Hong Kong’s 90 years of broadcasting, but is also the time to bring you back to the golden era of jazz big band! Being influenced by the legendary Duke Ellington Jazz Orchestra and its founder, the local Happy Go Lucky Big Band led by Kenny Matsuura will bring you a series of standards at our Christmas party. Not only is the instrumentation similar to Ellington’s time, but its name is also fully inspired by one of the master’s works.

Yoshiro Okazaki, trumpeter and Naoko Tanaka, pianist, are two of the jazz musicians who actively perform inside and outside their home country, and play in recording sessions often. Graduating with a full scholarship, Okazaki started his jazz career in the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Being classically trained, Tanaka can improvise in her playing with unique styles. The two jazz players have been working on stage for a long time, but it is their first time collaborating here in Hong Kong.

Ela Alegre is in high demand for her ability to command the stage. She will not only bring you jazz standards, but will also want to sing a series of classical Christmas songs - along with you! The newly formed a cappella group, Stargaze, will get everyone ready with a few carols and the timeless Hallelujah Chorus. You are cordially invited to join Radio 4’s Christmas Concert in the Park on Christmas Eve.


1920年代初,香港陆续出现了民间的广播,都是当时无綫电爱好人士自发的尝试。直到1928年6月的一个晚上,香港的第一个电台「政府广播电台GOW」正式启播。同年,在美国,音乐人Spencer Williams创作的Basin Street Blues,由爵士乐传奇人物Louis Armstrong 灌录成唱片,广泛流传。随后,Glenn Miller 加以改编令此曲成为爵士大乐团的经典。

今年第四台的「圣诞园林音乐会」既是香港广播九十年的庆祝活动之一,也是一次充满经典情怀的爵士大乐队圣诞派对。33岁的Duke Ellington 在1923年组成他的爵士大乐队,从此展开了超过半个世纪的音乐传奇,更为爵士大乐队的编制奠下基础。今年参与圣诞音乐会演出的Happy Go Lucky Big Band 深受Duke Ellington Jazz Orchestra 的启发。乐队由5支色士风、4支小号、4支长号,加上4位乐手组成的低音节奏部,配合钢琴的丰富音域,正好把经典的爵士情怀原汁原味的在九龙公园广场为大家送上。 至于乐队的名字也是取材于Ellington 的一首名曲Happy Go Lucky Local的,这首歌曲正是乐队领奏松浦克彦最爱的一首曲子!


圣诞音乐会当然少不了一连串的圣诞歌曲!爱丽(Ela Alegre) 擅长把爵士音乐、节奏怨曲和骚灵风格共冶一炉,创造新声音。她除了会演绎一系列爵士金曲之外,还会与你一起高唱圣诞歌,让普天欢庆洋溢整个广场。今年的音乐会前奏,我们邀请到三男三女全新无伴奏合唱团Stargaze率先演唱,为这个平安夜的音乐派对揭开序幕!