Ela Alegre (Vocalist)
爱丽 (歌手)

One of Hong Kong's most versatile and dynamic vocalists, Ela Alegre is in high demand for her ability to command the stage. Whether it is Jazz, R&B, Soul, Pop, Latin, Fusion or Dance, Ela delivers an emotionally intense and powerful performance. Ela can be seen around Hong Kong with some notable ensembles such as the Island Express Jazz Orchestra, Stylus, and her main duo VoSSa, in which she DJs alongside saxophonist Lena Cuglietta. Ela has worked on a number of projects and can be heard on various TV commercials, radio jingles as well as movie soundtracks. Ela's most recent recording project, Soulfully Jazztified, features 6 all new original compositions in which the ensemble has reinvented classic songs and melodies with cross-over and fusion genres.

爱丽是香港一位多才多艺,充满活力的歌手,她在舞台上光芒四射,动人的气质令她一直大受欢迎。 无论是爵士乐,R&B,骚灵音乐,流行乐,拉丁音乐,Fusion 以及舞曲等,她都能驾驭,并唱出细腻的情感。爱丽经常在香港与不同的爵士乐组合演出,包括Island Express Jazz Orchestra,Stylus和她的组合VoSSa等。在VoSSa二人组合中,她更以唱片骑师的身分与演奏萨克管的Lena Cuglietta合作。 爱丽为多个影音制作録音,你可能已经在不同的电视广告以及电影配乐中听过她的歌声。在她最新的专辑Soulfully Jazztified中,爱丽创作了六歌首全新作品,歌曲揉合了经典和跨界元素。