When Ela and Kenny meet Jazz… | 与爵士音乐结缘 - 爱丽与松浦克彦
Transcribed by Jacqueline Leung | 撰文:梁维芝

2018 is RTHK’s 90th anniversary since its establishment in 1928. As a special celebration, this year’s Christmas Concert in the Park will be held at the Kowloon Park Piazza featuring vocalist Ela Alegre and the Happy Go Lucky Big Band led by Kenny Matsuura playing jazz music.

When asked about what drew them to music, Ela and Kenny described music as a necessity for life which has the power spread happiness, which is why this year’s Concert in the Park is focused on ‘feel good’ big band music. Ela described her first encounter with music as listening to songs by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Tony Bennett on her mother’s AM radio, which she loved. Today, she is one of the foremost solo vocalists in Hong Kong, and while her main influence is jazz, she likes to incorporate R&B and Soul into the music to create her own unique style and add colour to her interpretation. She loves big band music and she has been hugely inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, her favourite singer. Yet, she doesn’t merely strive to recreate the recordings of her idols when she performs; she likes to add improvisation to her performances, and frequently gains inspiration from the improvisations played by the horn section of the big band.

For this Christmas Concert in the Park, Ela will be backed by the Happy Go Lucky Big band. The name of the band is taken from Duke Ellington’s song of the same name, Happy Go Lucky Local, which is one of his classics. Kenny Matsuura, band leader and trumpeter, formed the band in exactly the same way as his idol, Ellington’s band, comprising 5 saxophones, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, 4 rhythms and the only addition is the guitar, which was not part of Ellington’s original formation. Matsuura feels that the guitar provides a particular rhythmic swing to the band.

Kenny admits he did not immediately dig into Ellington’s music when he first started playing music in university, and he was playing a lot of other composers’ music. But as he got to know Ellington’s music better, he wondered why no one was playing in Duke Ellington’s style in Hong Kong, and therefore decided to form a band paying homage to his idol in 2010, which he refers to as the ‘God of Jazz’.

Christmas songs played by a big band always bring good vibes and this concert will be no exception. Classics to be performed include Basin Street Blues, In the Mood, Moonlight Serenade and Take the A Train, and to make regular RTHK Radio 4 listeners feel at home, they will give the world premiere of a jazz version of Below The Lion Rock arranged by Kenny Lin, a saxophonist in the band.

They promise that you will want to sing and dance with them at this very special concert. Join Ken-ny, Ela and the Happy Go Lucky band for a fun filled Christmas Eve this year!


爱丽(Ela Alegre)自小从母亲的AM收音机听爵士乐长大,Frank Sinatra、Nat King Cole和Tony Bennet的歌声是伴她成长的音乐。爱丽是香港炙手可热的女歌手,她经常演绎爵士音乐,而R&B和骚灵音乐也是她的最爱。爱丽揉合各种乐风,创造出一种崭新的个人风格。

松浦克彦(Kenny Matsuura) 来港多年,自小学习小号,并曾在日本和香港的多队爵士大乐团参与演出。他热爱爵士音乐大师Duke Ellington, 称他为「爵士乐之神」,所以在2010年组成一支爵士乐队,主力演奏其作品,又把乐队改名为Happy Go Lucky, 以和应这位爵士音乐大师的一首同名创作。

今年平安夜,这两位本地的爵士音乐人诚邀你一起参加这个圣诞音乐派对,一起高歌,一起跳舞,以爵士音乐庆祝圣诞节! 当中除了包括经典大乐队作品外,更会有世界首演由Kenny Lin编曲《狮子山下》爵士乐版!

Two Jazz Musicians from Japan | 两位日本爵士音乐家

Interview Transcript | 访问内容

Naoko Tanaka (piano):
Dear listeners in Hong Kong, my name is Naoko Tanaka, a jazz pianist. I’ve been in Hong Kong twice and I was attracted by its beauty when I first arrived. I feel so happy that I can perform in this city again soon. I would like to share with you some of my best-loved jazz masterworks at the concert on the evening of Christmas Eve. I am also very excited to work with Hong Kong musicians as it is always enjoyable. Please come to join the Christmas Concert! See you there.

田中菜绪子 (钢琴)
亲爱的香港听众,我是爵士乐钢琴手田中菜绪子。 我曾经到访香港两次,而且非常喜欢这个城市。 我很高兴很快又有机会再次在这里演出。 我打算在今年圣诞节前夕与各位分享一些我最喜爱的爵士乐作品。 我也非常高兴与香港的乐手合作,再次感受那份美好的体验。 请来参加「圣诞园林音乐会」,我热切期待与你们见面。

Yoshiro Okazaki (trumpet):
Hello everybody. My name is Yoshiro Okazaki. I play the trumpet and mostly jazz music. My first impression of Hong Kong is that it’s an exotic place. I have visited Hong Kong last spring and was impressed by its cleanliness and the beauty of the city. I really appreciate this opportunity being invited to perform in Radio 4’s Christmas Concert in the Park. Please come to join the party on Christmas Eve and I look forward to seeing you all there.

冈崎好朗 (小号)
大家好。 我的名字是冈崎好朗。 我是演奏小号的,主要是吹奏爵士音乐。香港给我的第一印像是一个充满异国情调的地方。去年春天我到过香港,这城市既整洁又美丽,给我留下了深刻的印象。 我真的很高兴有机会被邀请参加第四台的「圣诞园林音乐会」。 请一同来参加今年平安夜的圣诞派对,我期待着与你们见面!

Written by Simon Tu | 撰文: 杜绍康

This year, two Tokyo-based Japanese jazz musicians are invited to join a Big Band performance in our Christmas Concert in the Park 2018: Naoko Tanaka (pianist), and Yoshiro Okazaki (trumpeter). While Okazaki is a native Tokyoite, Tanaka was born in Kurume-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture; she is even appointed as an “ambassador” of her hometown. Tanaka has brought Okazaki to Kureme-shi and played as a duo in an outdoor music festival for three consecutive years. Meanwhile, we will invite this duo for a recording session, too.

Tanaka started learning classical piano since her childhood, and received her professional training in the prestigious Toho Gakuen School of Music. It was about the time of her graduation that she got the idea of trying something else. She discovered the world of jazz through CDs. As of now, she and her trio members have several original albums released; outside of Japan, she has left her musical footprints in Shanghai and Taichung as well. For the trumpeter, Okazaki met the instrument when he entered a primary school brass band at the age of 12; later he set his goal of becoming a jazz trumpeter after watching the wonder of Harry James’ playing in the film The Benny Goodman Story. After graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, he spent four years in New York mainly playing in big bands, side by side with other top musicians. Regardless of their different backgrounds, both musicians regard the Japanese jazz scene a vibrant one, with plenty of music venues available for jazz musicians of various styles to perform. Okazaki has also observed that, due to the favourable domestic environment, only a few Japanese musicians would play overseas – especially in other Asian countries; jazz musicians of Japan form a community of their own.

Talking about the difference between playing as a duo and in a big band, Tanaka stated, “The pianist would sometimes need to take the bassist’s and drummer’s responsibilities in duo playing, whereas a big band pianist needs the sense of glittering while listening to all the other musicians.” Okazaki expressed, “Big band performances basically follow written scores, yet in duo there is more space for improvisation. As Tanaka-san has been classically trained for a long time, her approach is a bit different from other jazz pianists. I like this, and we play with great freedom.” Our dear audience, come and judge with your own ears this winter!

今年的香港电台第四台圣诞园林音乐会,请来两位居于东京的日本乐手参与爵士大乐队演出 ,分别是钢琴手田中菜绪子及小号手冈崎好朗。冈崎在东京出生和长大,而田中则出身于福冈县久留米市,并担任「久留米故乡大使」。过去三年的久留米街角音乐祭,便有二人的爵士乐户外献奏。这一回,第四台亦会邀请两位作录音室二重奏。

田中自幼学习古典钢琴,后来进入桐朋学园大学接受专业古典训练。就在毕业之际,她泛起接触其他音乐的念头,透过CD开启爵士乐的大门。现在,田中和她的三重奏拍档已录过好几张原创爵士大碟,音乐舞台伸延至上海及台中。至于冈崎,他的小号生涯始于12岁之时的小学铜管乐团练习,中学时看见《班尼‧固德曼传》里Harry James的演奏而立志成为爵士小号手。冈崎后来深造于波士顿伯克利音乐学院,毕业后旅居纽约四年,从事大乐队为主的演奏活动,并时而与顶级乐手合作。两位乐手背景不一,却同样表示日本爵士乐坛发展蓬勃,大量的表演场地让很多不同风格的爵士乐手都有演出机会。另一方面,冈崎特别提及日本国内的优秀条件,令到较少乐手到外国(尤其亚洲)演奏,有如自成一格的社群。