Beneficiaries 受惠机构


Benefit elderly people and their carers with Easyhome Services; heal eyesight problems of underprivileged seniors.

为60岁或以上的长者及照顾者提供管家易服务 和为患眼疾的长者提供眼科检查和治疗。

Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

As one of the most established social enterprises territory-wide, the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (SCHSA) administers Care-on-Call Service and a comprehensive 24/7 support service such as emergency aid and round-the-clock vigilance services.

Demand for elderly care and support has been surging because of the pandemic. Easyhome Services for Elderly and their Carers’ is an initiative of SCHSA to improve the living standard of the deprived seniors, relieve the stress of the care-givers and strengthen family cohesion.

This campaign will also open up job opportunities for carers since they will be recruited to perform elderly services ranging from domestic care and support to rehabilitation training.

No. of beneficiaries: more than 720
(720 elderly aged 60 or above and their carers)


受到疫情影响,长者护理和支援的需求一直飙升。 长者安居协会发起了「一线通®管家易服务-支援长者及照顾者」计划,以改善贫困长者的生活水平、减轻护理人员的压力及加强家庭凝聚力。



Radio 3’s Annemarie Evans speaks to Maura Wong, the association’s chief executive.
St. Barnabas’ Society and Home

Reaching out to the poor and homeless is the mission of St. Barnabas’ Society and Home. They provide material and spiritual support to the displaced, and help them reconnect with society. Their existing services have extended warmth and comfort to many impoverished people.

The OSC-funded project, ‘Healing the Vision of the Underprivileged Elderly’, will give 13 old people stricken by eye diseases access to eye examinations and treatments, while improving their quality of life and assisting them to re-establish connections with their family and friends.

No. of beneficiaries: 13 underprivileged elderly or street sleepers




Jim Gould went along to meet staff at their day centre, as well as two of their service users, Mr Xia, who’s a Mandarin speaker, and Ms Wu, who spoke in Cantonese. But first, let’s hear from Maranda Li, the interim executive director of the charity.