"Wish You Merry Merry Christmas from My Heart"

We're very proud to present our first ever Operation Santa Claus theme song, "Caring Christmas", performed by Pakho Chau and Alex Fong, our OSC ambassadors for 2020.

It's all about caring and loving in our community and support for those of us who are having a challenging time in their lives.

Please sing along with us this Christmas season — Wish you Merry Merry Christmas from My Heart — and share the happiness and joy. Let's make a difference!

“Caring Community, Caring Christmas”.

「爱心圣诞大行动」今年首次有大会的主题曲- 「爱心圣诞」,这全新创作的歌曲由我们的2020年爱心大使周柏豪及方力申合唱。


在圣诞期间,请与我们一同合唱 — "Wish you Merry Merry Christmas from my heart",在圣诞期间将爱与关怀送予弱势社群,缔造更美好的生活。