What to apply for?

Successful applicants will produce 13 one-hour or half-hour episodes of radio programmes for broadcasting on RTHK Putonghua Channel (AM621).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Registered organisations, or
  • Hong Kong resident aged 18 or above

How to apply

Open an account on this website, follow the instructions to complete the online application form and complete the submission process before the deadline.
The following items must be prepared before submission:

  1. Certificate of Registration of an Organisation (applicable to organisation)
  2. Programme synposis
  3. Programme details of 13-episode programmes
  1. An oral presentation file in mp3 format of not more than 3 minutes
  2. Production crew list
  3. Production budget

Selection Process

First Round Selection

  • Public voting and scoring by Assessors will be conducted concurrently.
  • Adding up the scores from public voting (accounting for 25%) and the Assessor (accounting for 75%) to arrive at the scores obtained by each application in the first round selection.
  • The Selection Committee will shortlist the entries for interview.

Second Round Selection

  • The Selection Committee will interview the applicants on the interview list to further understand their proposals.

Application Result

The final result will be announced online. The successful applicants are required to attend a briefing on the terms of the Agreement, the Radio Code of Practice and the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance. The Secretariat will assign a RTHK facilitator to follow up on each successful CIBS programme.

* Please refer to the CIBS Handbook for details.