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DAB holds pro-police rally, but queries tactics

2019-07-17 HKT 13:37
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  • DAB holds pro-police rally, but queries tactics
The pro-Beijing DAB party has urged police to "rethink" how they respond to applications for demonstrations in light of the violent clashes that have followed some of the recent anti-government protests, as well as how they handle any trouble that breaks out.

Around 20 members of the party held a demonstration outside the force's headquarters in Wan Chai on Wednesday.

The group, including lawmakers Ann Chiang, Elizabeth Quat and Wilson Or, said they had gathered to show their support for the police during the ongoing turmoil in the SAR.

But as well as questioning the wisdom of agreeing to repeated demonstrations, they also queried whether the force could improve its tactics for dealing with any clashes that erupt.

The party also said police management should look into whether frontline officers are being sent out with the right equipment.

Quat echoed a call Chiang made on Tuesday for the force to seriously consider the risk of violence before granting permission for further protest action.

"Every time, the rallies start in a peaceful way, but after the rallies end, there is always some violent action taking place," Quat said.

"After so many times, I think no citizen will think this is a coincidence. So the government and the police force should think about a new way to respond to this kind of rally application."

On Tuesday, the Civil Human Rights Front said the police had urged it to postpone a protest planned for this weekend until next month, given that tensions are still running high in the city.

The front said it rejected the request and is still seeking a "Letter of No Objection" from the force for a march this Saturday or Sunday.