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Has being young become a crime, asks opposition

2019-09-16 HKT 16:16
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  • Has being young become a crime, asks opposition
Pro-democracy lawmakers have blasted the police over what they describe as selective law enforcement over the past weekend, questioning whether being young has become a crime in Hong Kong.

The legislators said officers were caught on camera releasing suspected police supporters in Fortress Hill even after they had attacked others. But at the same time, young people were arrested indiscriminately, the lawmakers claimed.

"Young people were definitely a target of arrests. It appeared being young and wearing black have become an original sin," said pan-democratic camp convenor Claudia Mo.

The opposition lawmakers pointed out that such a police approach would send a message to the public that the supporters or "patriots" can get away with anything, and others have to fend for themselves as they cannot depend on police to ensure their safety.

Mo said the government is practically encouraging lynching in Hong Kong and called on Chief Executive Carrie Lam to intervene immediately to stop this.

The pro-democracy legislators also criticised the arrest of Democratic Party lawmaker Ted Hui on Sunday night for allegedly obstructing the police from performing their duties.

The Civic Party's Jeremy Tam, who had previously been arrested for the same offence, said officers have become hostile to people who monitor their work, including journalists.