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New machine to provide quick virus test: PolyU

2020-02-11 HKT 15:35
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  • New machine to provide quick virus test: PolyU
Polytechnic University said on Tuesday that it has developed a machine that can detect 40 pathogens causing respiratory diseases, including the new coronavirus and various flu strains, via just a single test.

Researchers said conventionally, 40 different tests would have to be done to achieve this.

A vice-president of the university, Professor Alexander Wai, said the new machine is fully automated, accurate and cost-effective. He said the test results come out in just one hour.

"It could become ideal platform technology in the future and be widely adopted for infectious disease management and surveillance," Wai said.

"During the current outbreak of the new coronavirus, the two professors also pooled their expertise very quickly, and tests on clinical samples of the virus."

The pathogens that can be detected include 28 viruses, including coronavirus, Sars, Mers, and various flu viruses, as well as 12 types of bacteria which cause diseases such as whooping cough and Legionnaires' disease.