Wide range of mega events a must for HK: minister - RTHK
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Wide range of mega events a must for HK: minister

2024-05-25 HKT 11:50
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  • Wide range of mega events a must for HK: minister
Hong Kong should not limit the kind of mega events it stages, culture, sports and tourism minister Kevin Yeung said on Saturday, dismissing concerns that an abundance of shows and exhibitions could diminish their appeal.

The SAR has more than 100 mega events scheduled for the latter half of this year, from sporting contests to summits, but lawmaker Doreen Kong earlier said she's worried that too many big events would lead to a loss of focus.

Speaking on an RTHK programme, Yeung said diversity was important to cater to different audiences.

"For tourists, they may be travelling to Hong Kong for a week to participate in a mega event they are interested in...But in Hong Kong, it does seem that 200 mega events are a lot, with all sorts of shows and activities," he said.

"We hope that Hong Kong is a diverse place with many mega events, and different people who come here can find what they want to take part in. We also want to let everyone know that Hong Kong is capable and has hosted various types of mega events."

This year's mega events are expected to draw 1.7 million visitors, out of a predicted 46 million total arrivals. But the minister stressed that mega events were not the only away to attract tourists.

"We do not solely rely on one aspect to attract people. We already have a number of projects, for example, existing tourist hotspots and in-depth tours. The estimated figure also do not include the number of people attending concerts," he said.

"So we shouldn't only look at the mega events on the roster. It's more about the atmosphere of the city after holding mega events, and making the city more attractive."

Yeung also said the administration was in talks with the filmmakers behind the hit local movie "Twilight of the Warriors: Walled In" about turning its set into a tourist site. The film attracted a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival and has sparked international interest in its setting: the long-demolished Kowloon Walled City.

But the minister also acknowledged the possibility of the filmmakers requiring the sets again to produce a prequel or sequel to the martial arts film.

Wide range of mega events a must for HK: minister