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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Lennon Wall judge removed from protest case  Listenfacebook
The judiciary has announced that District Court judge Kwok Wai-kin will not hear a case stemming from last year's anti-government protests. He has been at the centre of controversy over remarks he made last week, during the sentencing of a man for a knife attack during the unrest. Robert Kemp reports:
Discrepancies over distancing orders need addressing: Alvin Yeung  Listenfacebook
Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng has dismissed suggestions that the government's social-distancing orders are being abused to clamp down on protests. She was speaking a day after the police warned that any public gathering of more than four people for a 'common purpose' would be breaking the law, even if those involved split into smaller groups and spaced themselves 1.5 metres apart. Cheng says there are lots of other factors at play in the order, 599G, such as whether the gathering is organised and how long it lasts. Civic Party leader and barrister Alvin Yeung told Mike Weeks Cheng's comments made little sense:
Democratic Party chief says violent acts should always be condemned  Listenfacebook
Pro-establishment lawmakers have accused the opposition camp of being complicit in acts of 'serious criminal violence' committed by anti-government protesters since last summer. The camp's convenor, Martin Liao, noted that teenagers were now being charged with murder as well as possession of weapons and bombs. He said the pan-democrats refusal to condemn the violence had to some extent contributed to this scenario. Janice Wong asked Democratic Party chairman Wu Chi-wai what he made of the condemnation of the pro-democracy camp for ‘encouraging, tolerating and beautifying’ violent acts:
HKMA disease expert calls for easing of coronavirus restrictions  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong saw no new coronavirus cases for a second day running on Monday, and for the fourth time in eight days. With infections now apparently under control, the chairman of the Hong Kong Medical Association's advisory committee on communicable diseases, Dr Leung Chi-chiu, says it's time to start easing social distancing and other anti-viral measures to get the economy going again. He said this could include reopening schools in about a month's time, as soon as ongoing university entrance exams are finished. But Leung told Janice Wong that caution is still required:
Boris Johnson in no rush to end UK lockdown  Listenfacebook
Three weeks after he was rushed into intensive care with coronavirus, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has returned to work. Addressing the country from the steps of Downing Street, he insisted he wouldn't risk "huge loss of life" and "economic disaster" by relaxing the lockdown in the UK too early. Mike Weeks asked London-based correspondent Gavin Grey if the fact that Johnson felt the need to address the question of reopening Britain indicated the growing pressure his government is under to ease the lockdown:
Causeway Bay bookseller opens ‘spiritual fortress’ in Taipei  Listenfacebook
A Causeway Bay bookseller, who says he was kidnapped by mainland agents for selling books banned across the border, is hoping his new store in Taipei can be a “spiritual fortress” for Hong Kong people in Taiwan. Damon Pang reports: