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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Officials say health only consideration in extending gathering ban  Listenfacebook
The ban on gatherings of more than eight people has been extended for two more weeks, until June 4. That means the annual Victoria Park candle-light vigil, to remember those killed in the brutal military suppression of pro-democracy protesters in Beijing in 1989, almost definitely won't be allowed to go ahead for the first time. The government says the decision was based solely on public health grounds, but it has exempted religious gatherings from the ban, as Wendy Wong reports:
Government accused of using Covid-19 to suppress right to assembly  Listenfacebook
The Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China, which organises the June 4 vigil, says it’s still waiting to hear from police and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department whether or not the annual commemoration of the 1989 Beijing massacre will be allowed to go ahead in Victoria Park. But its former chairman Lee Cheuk-yan is not hopeful. He told Mike Weeks that if it’s denied, people will be urged to turn out all over Hong Kong with their candles:
Job losses ‘could be’ bottoming out  Listenfacebook
The impact of the coronavirus on Hong Kong's economy is becoming more starkly evident, with the jobless rate climbing to 5.2 percent last month from 4.2 percent in March. That is its highest level in a decade. The food and beverage industry was hardest hit, with the unemployment rate there hitting 12 percent in April. Large numbers of jobs were also lost in construction, retail and tourism. But Dr Andy Kwan, director of ACE Centre for Business and Economic Research, is hopeful things are bottoming out. He told Jim Gould the latest figures were within expectations:
Civil service union weighs up foregoing a pay rise  Listenfacebook
Despite the recent surge in unemployment, a government-appointed panel has recommended a pay rise of between 1.15 and 1.98 percent for civil servants this year. The Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants' Union recently suggested a salary freeze because of the coronavirus pandemic. But having seen the pay-trend figures, it now says it will decide whether to press ahead with the demand before the committee submits its advice to the Executive Council for a final decision. Candice Wong reports:
RTHK to suspend ‘Headliner’ for lampooning police  Listenfacebook
RTHK says it will suspend its satirical programme, "Headliner", after it was found by the Communications Authority to have insulted and denigrated the police. However, as Candice Wong reports, some believe the show could be back on air in future:
Veteran politician Allen Lee dies at the age of 80  Listenfacebook
Tributes have been pouring in for the founding chairman of the Liberal Party, Allen Lee, following the announcement of his death at the age of 80. As Priscilla Ng reports, both his closest allies and political rivals have paid tribute to the veteran politician and commentator:
DAB claims dating app used to sell drugs  Listenfacebook
Drug dealers are said to be using a dating app to attract young buyers. That's according to the DAB party, as Wong Yin-ting reports:
Study finds low awareness of beer belly dangers  Listenfacebook
A survey has found that many people are unaware that having a beer belly, or central obesity, can increase the risk of developing cancer. The Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society questioned some 520 people about their drinking habits and whether they were aware of the harmful effects of alcohol. Seventy percent who admitted having a beer belly had consumed alcohol in the past three months. The chairman of the society's Cancer Education Committee, Dr Rico Liu, says people shouldn't take the problem of obesity lightly. He spoke to Jimmy Choi: