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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Care-home coronavirus clusters remain top concern  Listenfacebook
Health authorities confirmed another 106 coronavirus cases on Tuesday. That's the seventh straight day the number of new infections has remained in triple digits, but it was down significantly from the 145 confirmed on Monday. Wendy Wong reports:
Asia-expo may become treatment centre for elderly covid patients   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong’s health care system is struggling to cope with the city’s worst coronavirus outbreak yet. In the past week, it has seen more than a hundred new infections each day, and officials say labs are handling around 9,000 tests a day. Concerns have been raised that the increased testing would uncover many more cases completely swamping public hospitals. Mike Weeks asked the president of the Public Doctors’ Association, Arisina Ma, if those fears are being realised:
Workers not too concerned about dine-in ban  Listenfacebook
The government's toughest anti-epidemic measures to date came into force on Wednesday, making the wearing of face masks mandatory almost everywhere and further limiting public gatherings to just two people. In-restaurant dining is also banned. So how are workers going to cope with that? RTHK's Jimmy Choi has been finding out:
Occupy co-founder Benny Tai sacked by HKU  Listenfacebook
The University of Hong Kong’s governing council has sacked associate law professor Benny Tai from his tenured position because of his convictions over the 2014 Occupy protests, which he helped to instigate. Tai says his dismissal marks the end of academic freedom in Hong Kong. Frances Sit reports:
HKU council ‘over-rules’ university’s senate In sacking Benny Tai  Listenfacebook
University of Hong Kong law professor Benny Tai was sentenced in 2019 to 16 months in prison for public nuisance over charges related to the Occupy protests. But he's currently out on bail pending an appeal. Janice Wong asked Mak Tung-wing, from the HKU Alumni Concern Group, if he was at all surprised by the decision to sack Tai, given the composition of university’s governing council:
EU limits HK exports because of security law  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong government says it acted on Beijing's instructions in informing Britain, Canada and Australia of the suspension of their extradition agreements. It also accused the three countries of using the implementation of the national security law as an excuse to earlier suspend their treaties, which it said smacked of political manipulation and double standards. Hong Kong's move was announced on Tuesday after New Zealand became the latest country to halt extraditions to the SAR. In another development, the European Union announced it will limit exports to Hong Kong of any equipment that can be used for surveillance or repression because of the national security law. Sean Kennedy reports:
Exco convenor plays down closure of his US bank account  Listenfacebook
The convenor of Carrie Lam’s executive council has played down a newspaper report that quoted him as saying Hong Kong officials were finding it increasingly difficult to open bank accounts overseas, amid escalating tensions between China and the United States. Bernard Chan also told the Financial Times that an unnamed US bank had recently closed his account and returned his money. But he told RTHK that Sino-US tensions had nothing to do with this. He told Candice Wong his US account was closed before Beijing said anything about imposing a national security law here:
Landlords urged to do more for struggling tenants  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Retail Management Association has urged landlords to go easy on shop tenants who are unable to pay their rent. It says retail revenues have plunged by up to 80 percent amid the coronavirus pandemic. The association’s chief executive, Annie Tse, told Wendy Wong that landlords should lower rents for up to a year:
Relocation of container terminals proposed by Tung ‘s foundation   Listenfacebook
The think tank established by Hong Kong’s former leader and shipping magnate Tung Chee-hwa has suggested relocating the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals to an outlying island and building a new mega port there. It's one of several ideas put forward by the Our Hong Kong Foundation to boost development in the logistics industry. Timmy Sung reports: