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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Selected audio segments:
Apple Daily files writ for return of documents  Listenfacebook
Apple Daily founder, Jimmy Lai, and several other executives of the Next Media group are asking the High Court to order police to return any journalistic materials that contain legally-privileged information. Lai was arrested on Monday - along with nine other people - for charges including allegedly breaching the national security law. Hundreds of police raided the headquarters of his Apple Daily newspaper. Altis Wong reports:
Nathan Law shocked over removal of interview  Listenfacebook
Pro-democracy activist Nathan Law says he is shocked by RTHK's decision to pull a programme off its website, just because it contains an interview with him. Law, who is rumoured to be wanted for an unspecified national security offence, says the public broadcaster should remain professional rather than succumb to pressure from the authorities. Tom McAlinden reports:
Kwai Chung virus cluster grows  Listenfacebook
A police officer, two helpers, and nurses working at public hospitals are among the 69 new coronavirus patients reported in Hong Kong on Thursday. Candice Wong reports:
Group testing method to boost HK capacity  Listenfacebook
A mainland expert in charge of turning a sports centre in Sai Ying Pun into a Covid-19 testing laboratory says the facility can handle up to half-a-million samples each day if a procedure called "group testing" is used. As Vicky Wong reports, Hong Kong is aiming to ramp up its testing capacity from the current 10,000, with the help of mainland authorities:
Throat swabs easiest for home testing  Listenfacebook
A testing expert says asking people to do their own throat swabs is the easiest way to collect samples for Covid-19 testing. Professor Albert Yu, the chairman of the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification, says the group testing method is very scientific, and can enable up to five or 10 samples to be treated as one. He also told Janice Wong that people from high-risk groups, such as taxi drivers or medical workers, should still be tested individually:
Airport transit services resume for mainlanders  Listenfacebook
Health experts have mixed views over the resumption of transit services at the airport for travellers from mainland cities and whether the move poses a coronavirus risk. But they have shot down calls for a health code system to ban those who have not tested negative from going into various places, including malls and restaurants. Wendy Wong reports:
Calls to regulate helper dormitories  Listenfacebook
Concern groups are calling on the government to regulate and inspect dormitories where foreign domestic helpers are staying, amid fears that Covid-19 could easily spread in the environments. Many are said to be overcrowded and poorly-ventilated. Another two Indonesian women were confirmed with the virus on Thursday, after having stayed with an infected helper at an employment agency in Tsuen Wan. Crystal Yeung, a consultant for Migrasia, a non-profit group that promotes fair, ethical and transparent migration within Asia, told Samantha Butler that the pandemic has brought to light many existing problems facing helpers:
Legal challenge over police access to phones  Listenfacebook
The High Court has reserved judgement in a legal challenge by five pro-democracy figures against court warrants issued to search their mobile phones. The five face charges in relation to several anti-extradition protests last year. Frances Sit reports:
Pan-dems mull returning to Legco  Listenfacebook
Pro-Beijing heavyweights say they think pro-democracy lawmakers will find a reason to stay on in the legislature in the coming year, but they warn the opposition to abide by the national security law. Damon Pang reports:
Tariff relief for HK-made products  Listenfacebook
US authorities have clarified that they do not intend to apply tariffs already imposed on imports from the mainland, to those from Hong Kong. This is despite a new requirement for products made here to be labelled as "Made in China" if they are to be exported to the United States. Jimmy Choi reports:
Confucius Institutes accused of propaganda  Listenfacebook
The United States has opened another front in its war of words with China. This time it is targeting the Confucius Institutes, as Sean Kennedy explains:
NZ racing to contain new outbreak  Listenfacebook
New Zealand is rushing to track the source of a sudden return of the coronavirus as the number of new cases in its biggest city rose to 17 and officials warned more infections were inevitable. National health chief Ashley Bloomfield said there were 13 new confirmed infections in Auckland, all linked to four family members found on Tuesday, ending the country's record of 102 days without community transmission. Annemarie Evans asked RTHK's Australia correspondent Gerry Gannon what else was known about the infected family: