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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Chris Tang dials back on police version of Yuen Long attack   Listenfacebook
The Police Commissioner, Chris Tang, has rejected claims that the new spin the force has put on the vicious gang attack at Yuen Long station last summer is an attempt to re-write history. But at the same time, he cast doubts on one of the version of events given by a senior officer just the day before that the force had responded to the violence in 18 minutes rather than the 39 minutes it had admitted shortly after the attack on July 21. Carolyn Wright has more:
Democratic Party legislators vow to fight charges  Listenfacebook
Democratic Party lawmakers Ted Hui and Lam Cheuk-ting have vowed to fight charges against them over incidents last year, including the gang attack at Yuen Long Station. Lam was badly beaten during the mob violence at the MTR station on July 21 but has been charged with rioting. Both he and Hui were freed on bail on Thursday after a brief court appearance. Wendy Wong reports:
Coast guard said to have arrested activists fleeing to Taiwan  Listenfacebook
Media reports say a group of around a dozen people intercepted on a boat by Guangdong authorities earlier this week are Hong Kong activists who were trying to flee to Taiwan. One is reported to be a national security suspect, as Priscilla Ng reports:
HK Free Press journalist refused a work visa   Listenfacebook
The news website, Hong Kong Free Press, says the authorities have denied a work visa to an Irish journalist it was hoping to employ. Aaron Mc Nicholas has been in the SAR for some time, previously working at Bloomberg and Storyful. Vicky Wong reports:
Schools set to re-open next month in stages  Listenfacebook
School principals say officials have told them that classes could resume as soon as mid-September if the coronavirus situation allows. They were speaking after talks on Thursday afternoon. Jimmy Choi has more:
Doctors urged to go online to help vulnerable patients   Listenfacebook
Doctors are being urged to use video conferencing technology to provide consultations for elderly patients with dementia or chronic conditions. Experts from Chinese University say such patients appear to be extra vulnerable to the coronavirus, so it would be better for them not to have to venture out of their homes so much. Maggie Ho reports:
Anti-drug campaigns ‘ineffective’ in persuading the young  Listenfacebook
A survey by the Federation of Youth Groups has found that almost one in five have tried cannabis, and many don’t even see it as a drug. Of the 650 young people it interviewed, a third said they don't think cannabis does much harm to health, with some pointing to its legalisation or decriminalization in a number of countries. The federation is now calling for more information to be made available online for young people on the dangers of drugs. Mike Weeks asked Sky Siu, the executive director of the KELY Support Group, if she was alarmed by the findings: