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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
Five new cases reported in Tai Wai Transport City Building cluster  Listenfacebook
Health officials have quarantined more than two dozen workers from an industrial building in Tai Wai, which is at the centre of a new Covid-19 cluster. People working at the block accounted for almost half of the 11 new infections confirmed on Monday. One was picked up through the city-wide testing scheme, which also identified four of the other cases, as Violet Wong reports:
Research shows coronavirus lingers in the body  Listenfacebook
Four of the 20 coronavirus cases picked up so far by the government's mass testing scheme were recovered patients no longer believed to be infectious. But researchers at The Chinese University are warning that Covid-19 can stay in the body - and people can remain infectious - even after their respiratory samples are clear of the virus. Priscilla Ng has more on their findings:
Special needs families struggle amid suspension of support services   Listenfacebook
The suspected murder of a mentally-handicapped man who had just moved back home from a boarding school has again focused attention on the plight of families of people with special needs at a time when community services are suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Police have arrested the 21-year-old man's mother over his death in Kwai Chung. Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong says the case highlights the lack of government support for such families. Its general secretary Frederick Wong spoke to Janice Wong about the problems moving from a special needs boarding school back home can bring:
Events and entertainment workers call for more support  Listenfacebook
A group representing those working in the events and entertainment industry has called on the government to provide them with more subsidies and to relax coronavirus public gathering restrictions to help them survive. Joanne Wong has more:
Beijing calls talk of separation of powers a challenge to its authority  Listenfacebook
Beijing says people who claim Hong Kong has a separation of powers are trying to challenge the constitutional order and resist the central government's comprehensive jurisdiction over the SAR. Timmy Sung has the details:
Seditious speech law ‘may breach’ HK Bill of Rights  Listenfacebook
Solicitor and legal scholar Eric Cheung says a colonial-era law against seditious speech used to arrest activist Tam Tak-chi on Sunday may not be in line with the Hong Kong Bill of Rights or the Basic Law. The principal law lecturer at the University of Hong Kong says many remarks could be regarded as “seditious”, because of the loose definition of the offence. Wendy Wong has the details
Tung think tank urges wholesale changes to liberal studies  Listenfacebook
Former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa's think tank is calling for a sweeping revamp of the liberal studies curriculum in secondary schools. The Our Hong Kong Foundation also wants the government to vet all teaching materials. It says the subject has not achieved its objectives of cultivating high-level critical thinking skills and open minds among students. Damon Pang reports:
Trump pushes US-China decoupling to boost his support  Listenfacebook
US President Donald Trump is stepping up his anti-China rhetoric as he seeks to make it a key plank of his re-election campaign. He's pushing the idea of decoupling, claiming the United States wouldn't lose money if the world's two biggest economies no longer did business. Sean Kennedy has more:
London ups the brinkmanship ahead of EU Brexit talks  Listenfacebook
European leaders have responded coolly to plans by the UK to introduce legislation overriding a key part of the existing Brexit withdrawal agreement on the Irish border. Ireland's trade minister Leo Varadkar warned against the move. But the British government has sought to play down the significance of this proposed legislation and says it's still committed to implementing the withdrawal agreement. The changes were revealed just ahead of the resumption of UK-EU trade talks on Tuesday. Mike Weeks asked London-based correspondent Gavin Grey whether Varadkar is right to be concerned about the UK's intentions: