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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Hong Kong student protester granted asylum by Germany   Listenfacebook
Germany is reported to have granted refugee status to a young Hong Kong protester facing a rioting charge in connection with last year's anti-government unrest. The university student is believed to be the third Hong Kong activist to be offered protection by Berlin, after Ray Wong and Alan Li were given political asylum in Germany in 2018. Todd Harding reports:
Vacancy tax abandoned   Listenfacebook
The government has abandoned the vacancy tax it proposed more than two years ago to try to deter property developers from hoarding new flats. It cited the ailing economy and a strong split in views for the move, as Candice Wong reports:
Centaline founder welcomes shelving of vacancy tax   Listenfacebook
The leader of the pro-business Liberal Party, Felix Chung, has welcomed the government's decision to abandon the vacancy tax it proposed more than two years ago to try to deter property developers from hoarding new flats. A spokesman cited current economic conditions and a split within the Legislative Council and the general community in explaining why the bill was being withdrawn. Chung, who's a member of the bills committee, described it as the right call, with Hong Kong property prices falling and developers offloading flats. Shih Wing-ching, the founder of the Centaline Property Agency, agrees. He spoke to Mike Weeks:
Indian consulate member mistakenly given quarantine exemption   Listenfacebook
Fifteen coronavirus infections were confirmed on Monday. Just one was locally acquired, and for the third day in a row there were no cases of unknown source. However, in another development, the Department of Health apologised for mistakenly exempting a member of the Indian consulate from quarantine and allowing him to go home before he tested positive for Covid-19. Wendy Wong has the details:
Mandatory testing ‘could destroy’ doctor-patient trust  Listenfacebook
The President of the Medical Association, Choi Kin, has raised concerns over government plans to pass a new law giving it the power to compel people to get tested for Covid-19. He said the government wants to order tests for people with even mild symptoms but he's worried this would damage the trust between doctors and their patients. Choi had a meeting with the Health Secretary, Sophia Chan, on Monday night to discuss the plan. Janice Wong asked him if Chan had told him what sort of symptoms would require patients to undergo a coronavirus test:
Chief Executive doesn’t waste time reading criticism or listening to it   Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, has declared that she's immune to criticism. She told pro-Beijing newspapers that no matter how much people question what she does, it won't make any difference to her work and she can't see the point in wasting time reading or listening to negative comments. But that has been singled out as one of her major failings by pro-Beijing heavyweight, Tsang Yok-sing. He accused Lam of not listening to people or ignoring their suggestions in drafting her annual policy blueprints, as Vicky Wong reports:
District head gets suspended sentence for doxxing police   Listenfacebook
The chairwoman of Central and Western District Council, Cheng Lai-king, was given a 28-day suspended jail sentence on Monday for violating an injunction against doxxing the police by sharing a Facebook post. Damon Pang reports:
HK National Party leader denies assaulting officer   Listenfacebook
A trial of the convenor of the now-banned Hong Kong National Party, Chan Ho-tin, has started, with a police officer telling the court that he was assaulted by a mob of protesters during a demonstration last year. But the officer didn't say whether he actually saw Mr Chan hitting him. Frances Sit reports: