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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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National security law hotline will ‘disintegrate society’   Listenfacebook
Democratic Party lawmaker James To says a hotline police are planning to set up to let people provide tip-offs over suspected national security offences will tear Hong Kong apart. Sources have told RTHK the force is yet to decide when to launch the hotline, although earlier reports said it could come as soon as next month. To, the most senior member of the Legislative Council's security panel, told Annemarie Evans the hotline is not needed and will be another major blow to Hong Kong's freedoms:
Second HK person held in prison on national security charges  Listenfacebook
The US State Department has condemned Hong Kong authorities over the arrests of former Studentlocalism leader Tony Chung and two other former members of his group. It said the use of the police national security unit to detain a teenager in a coffee shop was "reprehensible". It also said it's 'deplorable' that law enforcement in Hong Kong is being used for political purposes. The State Department comments came after Chung became the second person to be charged under the national security law. He was also denied bail after appearing in court on Thursday, as Frances Sit reports:
Builder jailed for more than three years over petrol bomb   Listenfacebook
A 21-year-old construction worker has been sentenced to three years and four months in prison for throwing a petrol bomb at a police station last year. The case also involves one of the 12 young Hong Kong activists detained in Shenzhen. Frances Sit has the details:
Quality growth and security Beijing’s top concerns for next five years   Listenfacebook
Communist Party leaders have pledged to focus on higher-quality economic growth and to beef up China's defence and national security capabilities in the next five years. That came in a communique on Thursday at the end of a four-day plenary session in Beijing on the nation's development goals. The party expects China's GDP to exceed 100 trillion yuan this year, but this means narrowly missing its previous goal of doubling economic growth in the decade to 2020. Maggie Ho reports:
Plenary session ‘reinforces Xi Jinping’s grip on power’  Listenfacebook
The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has promised to focus on higher-quality economic growth over the next five years and beefing up China's defence and national security capabilities. At the end of a four-day meeting in Beijing, party leaders said they expected China's GDP to exceed 100-trillion yuan this year but did not set a concrete growth target for the period up to 2025. So is that unusual? Maggie Ho asked Chinese University professor and China analyst Willy Lam:
HK sees its first local Covid-19 infection in four days  Listenfacebook
The Centre for Health Protection reported three new cases of Covid-19 on Thursday, including the first locally contracted infection in four days. Violet Wong has more:
Travel trade employees warned to expect more furlough orders   Listenfacebook
A travel industry union has warned that another 1,000 workers in the sector face being furloughed, after 300 staff at Sunflower Travel were told that they won't be paid from now on. Here's Violet Wong:
Pandemic hitting pay packets hard  Listenfacebook
The Institute of Human Resource Management says most companies have yet to decide on pay awards for next year because of the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. But at the minority of firms planning to raise pay, staff are likely get only a modest increase of about 1.7 percent. Those are the findings of the institute’s latest pay trend survey. Its vice president, Lawrence Hung, spoke to RTHK's Joanne Wong.
Trump seeks to capitalize on record 3rd quarter growth   Listenfacebook
Official figures show the US economy grew at its fastest-ever pace in the third quarter of the year. GDP increased at an annual rate of 33 percent after a severe dip in the previous months because of the coronavirus pandemic. President Donald Trump was quick to seize on the figure, telling a campaign rally in Tampa, Florida, that it was proof of the success of his economic policies. Mike Weeks asked the Voice of America's White House bureau chief, Steve Herman, about the significance of the latest US growth figures to Trump's re-election hopes: