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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Warning sounded over covid risk of staycations   Listenfacebook
A health expert has spoken about the risks of staycations after three members of a group who stayed at a Mui Wo hotel were confirmed on Monday to have coronavirus. Dr Leung Chi-chiu warned that these could become "super-spreading" events, as Wendy Wong reports:
Self-discipline ‘needed’ to prevent future lockdowns   Listenfacebook
The Health Secretary, Sophia Chan, has warned that the government could tighten social distancing measures again if people ignore current anti-epidemic rules. Wendy Wong has the details:
Hundreds of shops plan to lay off staff when job subsidies end  Listenfacebook
A survey suggests that almost a quarter of local retailers are planning to cut back on staff next month, after the government's job-protection scheme expires. But despite announcing an almost 13 percent drop in shop sales in September, the government is trying to paint a slightly rosier outlook for the retail sector. Candice Wong reports:
Police refuse permission for Cathay contract protest   Listenfacebook
Police have refused to allow a demonstration this week by Cathay Pacific staff who are worried about the new contracts they've been asked to sign. With the deadline for signing the contracts looming, organisers say there isn't time to appeal against the ban. Timmy Sung reports:
Activists plead not guilty to breaching anti-epidemic ban on gatherings   Listenfacebook
Eight Labour Party and League of Social Democrats activists have appeared in court accused of breaching a ban on gatherings of more than four people during a Labour Day protest. They all deny the charge. Jimmy Choi reports:
Ted Hui added to opposition ranks facing contempt of Legco charges   Listenfacebook
Legislator Ted Hui has become the eighth member of the opposition camp to be arrested and charged over the chaos at a crucial Legislative Council committee meeting in May. He and the other serving or former pro-democracy lawmakers are all due to appear in court on Thursday. Timmy Sung reports:
Powers and privileges ‘exempt what lawmakers say, not what they do’   Listenfacebook
Civic Party chairman Alan Leong has accused the government of trying to instil fear in the opposition camp by arresting eight of its members over the chaos that erupted at a crucial Legco committee meeting in May. The senior counsel said the enforcement action was clearly biased and their prosecution under legislature's Powers and Privileges Ordinance will set a dangerous precedent. But Leong's former Civic Party colleague and fellow barrister Ronny Tong has rejected suggestions that lawmakers can't be prosecuted for their actions in the legislature. The Executive councillor noted that the Court of Appeal ruled in a case involving former legislator Leung Kwok-hung that the ordinance exempts what members say, not what they do. He told Frances Sit that Legco is not "an independent kingdom", and the police can deal with matters that its president can't handle:
Shanxi killing underlines China’s domestic violence problem   Listenfacebook
Outrage is growing in China over video and pictures that appear to show a man in Shanxi province beating his wife to death as onlookers stood by and did nothing. The footage raises serious questions about domestic violence and the country's will to tackle it, as Vicky Wong reports:
DAB’s Quat joins the fight against illegal wildlife traders   Listenfacebook
DAB lawmaker Elizbaeth Quat plans to introduce a private member's bill to the Legislative Council to give authorities more power to clamp down on the illegal wildlife trade. She's taking up the fight of conservation groups to have wildlife crimes incorporated into Hong Kong's Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance. They've laid out the case for doing so in a white paper. One of those who helped draft it is University of Hong Kong law professor Amanda Whitfort. Janice Wong asked her why existing laws aren’t enough to halt the trade in often endangered species:
Coronavirus gives a huge boost to Fintech in Hong Kong  Listenfacebook
Financial Secretary Paul Chan says technology innovations in finance have flourished in Hong Kong during the Covid-19 pandemic, as virtual financial institutions mushroom and digital payment systems gain popularity. Maggie Ho has the details: