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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
Lam Cheuk-ting says informant hotline will have ‘chilling effect’   Listenfacebook
The police have been accused of trying to foster Cultural Revolution-style terror in Hong Kong by setting up a hotline to allow citizens to anonymously inform on each other over supposed breaches of the National Security Law. So many people tried to do so on Thursday that the force's WeChat account was overloaded. Users were informed "too many attempts, try again later." Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting told Joanne Wong the hotline will only serve to deepen distrust in the city:
Ronny Tong says hotline should ‘not be abused or turned into witchhunt’  Listenfacebook
A member of Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s cabinet, Ronny Tong, sought to play down the significance of the national security hotline, saying it’s nothing to get worried about. But in telling RTHK that there was a very good reason for the police to set it up, the executive councillor also expressed his misgivings about the move. Tong spoke to Ben Tse:
Broadness of security law ‘encourages’ abuse of hotline   Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor shares the concerns expressed by executive councillor Ronny Tong about the police hotline set up on Thursday for people to report suspected breaches of Hong Kong's national security law. A spokesperson for the NGO, Claudia Yip, spoke to Mike Weeks:
Informer hotline overwhelmed on first day of operation   Listenfacebook
The police said they received more than a thousand reports and pieces of information within hours of the launch of the national security hotline on Thursday. Demand was so high that it overloaded the force's WeChat account. Vicky Wong has more on the hotline’s operations and reaction to it:
CUHK students warned over promos for protest photo exhibition   Listenfacebook
The Chinese University of Hong Kong has warned students that promotional material created for a photo exhibition on last year's clashes at its campus could be illegal. It also condemned their description of what took place on campus. Damon Pang reports:
US condemns arrest of RTHK journalist   Listenfacebook
The United States has condemned this week’s arrest of an RTHK producer over car licence plate searches in an investigation into the mob attack on people at Yuen Long Station in July last year. It said Beijing must stop its attempts to destroy press freedom in Hong Kong. Maggie Ho reports:
Media groups make united stand against Bao Choy’s arrest  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Journalists Association says it’s "sad and absurd" that the city has reached a point where journalists conducting normal reporting duties face lawsuits and suppression. Here's Damon Pang:
Cathay insists new contracts are ‘competitive’  Listenfacebook
Cathay Pacific says more than 90 percent of flight attendants and pilots who were spared from the airline's recent mass layoffs have signed new lower-paid contracts. Those who didn't sign will be leaving the company. Timmy Sung has the details:
HK’s coronavirus death toll rises to 107   Listenfacebook
A 78-year-old Covid-19 patient has died, raising the death toll from the virus here to 107. He was a resident of an elderly care home in Sham Shui Po that had a coronavirus outbreak. An aircraft maintenance worker was also confirmed to have the disease on Thursday. It's suspected he caught it from flight crews on the planes he worked on, as Wendy Wong reports:
Community test centre needs 300 visitors a day to break even   Listenfacebook
A company that will operate one of four new community test centres for Covid-19 on behalf of the government says it's worried it may run at a loss if not enough people come forward to check whether they're infected. Frances Sit has the details:
Operation Santa Claus: Enrich HK   Listenfacebook
Enrich HK is one of the beneficiaries of this year's Operation Santa Claus campaign, which is jointly organised by RTHK and the South China Morning Post. The charity is a winner of the UBS NGO Leadership Programme. Its communications manager, Zamira Monteiro, spoke with Radio 3’s Peter Lewis about Enrich’s work: