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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Sewage pipes suspected in Wong Tai Sin coronavirus outbreak   Listenfacebook
Authorities have ordered a partial evacuation of a Wong Tai Sin public housing block. Residents were told to leave on Monday night after experts determined that Covid-19 may have spread among units there from a toilet in an infected flat. Wendy Wong reports:
More Wong Tai Sin evacuations urged while outbreak investigated  Listenfacebook
An infectious disease expert believes more people should be evacuated from a Wong Tai Sin public housing block where sewage venting pipes are suspected to be responsible for the infection of at least five residents with Covid-19. University of Hong Kong Professor Ivan Hung told RTHK it would be safer to send everyone sharing the pipe system to quarantine camps while authorities figure out exactly how the virus spread within the building in Tung Tau Estate. He spoke to Jimmy Choi:
Choi Wan households worried about their drain pipes   Listenfacebook
Residents of a public housing estate in Ngau Chi Wan have been speaking about their concerns about the possible spread of coronavirus in their building as they heeded a call to get tested for Covid-19. As Vicky Wong reports, several people living in different units of a block in Choi Wan Estate have come down with the virus:
Ventilators suspected to be a problem at many housing estates  Listenfacebook
The Covid-19 outbreaks in blocks in Wong Tai Sin and Choi Wan are among multiple coronavirus clusters involving Hong Kong public housing estates. Mike Weeks asked Wong Tai Sin district councillor Mandy Tam about the decision to evacuate only some of the residents of Tung Tau Estate:
Some of Hong Kong 12 may be home by Chinese New Year   Listenfacebook
The families of 12 young protesters being held in Shenzhen have reportedly been told that some of them may be allowed to return to Hong before the Lunar New Year. Mainland authorities are said to have indicated that some of the cases against them aren't that serious, as Candice Wong reports:
Warehouse worker jailed for laser-pointer attack   Listenfacebook
A warehouse worker has been sentenced to three months in jail after he was convicted of possessing a weapon, a laser pointer, to attack police officers during an anti-government protest last year. Maggie Ho reports:
New video footage casts little light on student’s death   Listenfacebook
More CCTV footage purportedly capturing university student Chow Tsz-lok's fatal fall from a Tseung Kwan O carpark during a protest last year has been played at an inquest into his death. But as Frances Sit reports, the coroner said the time stamp on the footage was 'clearly wrong':
Cross-border trips boost students’ national identity   Listenfacebook
Academics from the Polytechnic University say all tertiary institutions should include short trips to the mainland in their courses because the visits help boost the national identity of students. A team from the university’s Applied Social Sciences Department surveyed 380 students who’d taken part in such trips across the border early last year. The majority of them agreed that the trips had strengthened their identity as Chinese citizens and enhanced their “cross-cultural communication skills”. The department's chair professor, Daniel Shek, told Janice Wong more about the research:
Charles Li bids farewell to HKEX  Listenfacebook
The outgoing chief executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX), Charles Li, says he hopes the bourse will continue to develop its fledgling fixed-income and currency businesses following his retirement at the end of the year. Li, who oversaw the establishment of stock and bond connect programmes between Hong Kong and the mainland during his 11 years at the helm, says he thinks HKEX could be doing better in both these areas. In a farewell session with the media, the 59-year-old said while he's stepping down, he's not ready to fully retire just yet. But Li didn't give too much away about his future plans: