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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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National security law block on website confirmed   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong Broadband Network has confirmed that it has blocked a website that has published details of police officers and pro-establishment figures. It’s the first time the national security law has been used to censor a local website. The HKChronicles website first reported disruptions to its service last week. Vicky Wong reports:
Internet blocking a ‘threat to freedom of information’  Listenfacebook
A member of the Chief Executive Election Committee representing the information technology industry says other unrelated websites that share the same IP address as HKChronicles have also been affected. Wong Ho-wa told RTHK he's worried that more could be blocked in the same manner, stifling people's freedom to access information:
ISPs ‘obliged’ to follow national security law requirements   Listenfacebook
HKChronicles has published information and photos of police and pro-establishment figures, some of whom are accused of mistreating anti-government protesters. Lento Yip, the chairman of the Hong Kong Internet Service Providers Association, says it's no surprise that the authorities have started using their powers under the security law to compel service providers to block access to websites they deem to be problematic. But he told Annemarie Evans their ability to do so completely is uncertain:
11 held for allegedly assisting Hong Kong 12 to flee  Listenfacebook
National security police have rounded-up 11 more people, this time for allegedly helping 12 young activists to flee the city by speedboat in August. That was confirmed by the force on Thursday evening, as Cecil Wong reports:
Second Shenzhen detainee remanded in custody  Listenfacebook
The second of the two teenagers among the 12 activists held in Shenzhen for five months for illegally crossing the border has appeared in court in Hong Kong. He was remanded in custody until his next court appearance in March. Frances Sit reports:
15-year-old petrol bomber to be re-sentenced   Listenfacebook
A teenager who pleaded guilty to throwing a petrol bomb at police quarters in Chai Wan is set to receive a harsher sentence, after the Court of Appeal ruled that a probation order issued by a lower court was too lenient. Damon Pang has the story:
Warning sounded over BN(O) public office ban  Listenfacebook
Rumours and suggestions are running rife over measures Beijing might take to retaliate against London's expansion of immigration rights for Hong Kong people eligible for BN(O) passports or who hold them. With the UK officially opening applications for this new type of visa at the end of the month, Beijing is reported to be mulling whether to ban BN(O) holders from public office in Hong Kong. The proposal might be discussed when the National People's Congress Standing Committee meets next week. Political commentator Chung Kim-wah told Mike Weeks such a plan would be fraught with difficulties:
Vertical Covid transmission investigated at housing estate  Listenfacebook
Concerns are growing about a coronavirus outbreak in Jordan as a cluster of infections in an old tenement there expands and new cases are reported in a nearby block. There are also fears of an outbreak at a public housing estate in Kwai Chung. Damon Pang reports:
Hospital pharmacists say elderly shouldn’t be given Sinovac   Listenfacebook
The Society of Hospital Pharmacists has urged the government not to inoculate elderly people in Hong Kong with the coronavirus vaccine developed by Sinovac. This follows reports that it was found to be only 50 percent effective in late-stage trials in Brazil. The society's president, William Chui, says vaccines developed by other drug companies that have higher efficacy rates are more suitable for elderly people, given their weaker immune systems. He spoke to Wendy Wong:
Sinovac trial delays hit vaccine rollout plan   Listenfacebook
There's still no timetable for when the Sinovac vaccine will be approved for use in Hong Kong. Authorities had hoped to receive the first shipment of the jabs this month. A health expert says the likely delay will affect the entire vaccination programme. Frances Sit has that story:
Cancellation of overseas doctors exams hurting patient care   Listenfacebook
The coronavirus pandemic has again put a spotlight on the chronic shortage of doctors in Hong Kong. Even under normal conditions, it has far fewer doctors as a percentage of the population than other highly-developed cities like Singapore. But coronavirus restrictions may have exacerbated the problem, with the Medical Council scrapping five licensing exams for overseas physicians who want to practice here since the pandemic began. The Medical Licentiate Society of Hong Kong, which represents around 1,200 doctors who were trained outside of the SAR, say these tests must resume as quickly as possible. Janice Wong asked Dr Marcus Marcet, the society's president, how many overseas doctors have been affected by the cancellations:
Lawmaker caught ‘Zooming’ and driving   Listenfacebook
Lawmakers were supposed to be ‘Zooming’ during an online Legislative Council panel meeting on Thursday but not in the way that Kwok Wai-keung did. The Federation of Trade Unions legislator has admitted he was driving during the meeting. He gave assurances that he quickly found a place to park, as Frances Sit reports: