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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
BioNTech vaccine approved for use in Hong Kong  Listenfacebook
The government's advisers on coronavirus vaccines have given their unanimous backing to the BioNTech jabs the administration has bought, paving the way for them to be used to inoculate the people of Hong Kong. Violet Wong reports:
Yau Ma Tei-Jordan cluster testing expanded to seven more buildings   Listenfacebook
New coronavirus cases hit triple digits on Monday for the first time this year. More than a quarter of them were from the hardest-hit area of Yau Ma Tei and Jordan, surrounding Temple Street. But as Joanne Wong reports, concerns are also rising about a cluster of infections at a Chai Wan public housing block:
Cheaper hotels to be offered for quarantine   Listenfacebook
The government says people flying into Hong Kong from February 20 will have more low-cost hotel rooms to choose from to spend their 21 days in quarantine. Natale Ching has the details:
Long Covid hits 80 percent of recovering patients in HK  Listenfacebook
Researchers are calling on the government to give more support to people who have recovered from Covid-19 after a survey suggested a majority of those who end up in hospital are left with at least one persistent symptom of the disease. Wendy Wong reports:
Dramatic revamp in the pipeline for Ocean Park   Listenfacebook
The government is proposing a radical overhaul of Ocean Park that will effectively end its life as a traditional theme park. A developer will take over the entire lowland area by the MTR station to convert some of it into a shopping, dining and entertainment zone, with no entrance fee. The park will also move away from thrill rides to focus more on conservation and education. To fund this transition, the government's planning to pump as much as HK$2.8 billion into the park over the next six years, and waive millions more in interest payments for existing loans totalling HK$5.4 billion. Vicky Wong reports:
Ocean Park plan ‘a reset’ that benefits the local community  Listenfacebook
A tourism professor says the major overhaul of Ocean Park's business model will be challenging, but could be a long-term solution for its financial woes. He said the revamp – which includes free access to a new shopping and dining zone - fits within the wider plans to boost attractions in southern district and should win hearts and minds of the local community. He told Janice Wong the tourists will come when they see the locals again enjoying Ocean Park:
Former Ocean Park head says revamp vital for park’s survival   Listenfacebook
The former chairman of Ocean Park, Allan Zeman, believes Hong Kong families will embrace a revamped version of the popular attraction. RTHK's Annemarie Evans asked him if it was really worth spending almost HK$3 billion on a failing enterprise:
Civil service unions call for more clarity on oath   Listenfacebook
Civil service unions say there's concern within their ranks about the implications of a new declaration they'll need to sign in order to stay in their jobs. They want more detailed explanations from the administration on exactly what will be considered a breach of the declaration and therefore grounds for sacking. Candice Wong reports:
Concerns over red lines ‘not alleviated’ by Civil Service chief   Listenfacebook
Civil service Secretary, Patrick Nip, says most government staff will still be able to join rallies or comment on policies after they sign the new oath required by the government in order to keep their jobs. Nip said that as long as their remarks don't clash with the duties. He spoke after civil service unions expressed concerns on Monday about the implications of the declaration. A former secretary for economic services, Elizabeth Bosher, told Mike Weeks that civil servants have always been obliged to strike such a balance:
Volunteer first-aider claim dismissed by judge   Listenfacebook
A man who claimed to be a volunteer first-aider has been sentenced to four years in prison and fined HK$5,000 for rioting in connection with a protest in Causeway Bay in 2019. Cecil Wong reports:
Smart parking meters under trial  Listenfacebook
Drivers will soon be able to pay parking meters remotely and receive real-time information on whether a parking space is free or occupied. It's all part of a government initiative to install smart meters in the city. Damon Pang takes a closer look:
Economist warns China needs new engine for growth  Listenfacebook
China's economy grew at its slowest pace in more than four decades last year because of the coronavirus pandemic. But the annual growth rate of 2.3 percent surpassed most analysts' expectations, and means the country is expected to be the only major global economy to have expanded in 2020. But the chief economist for Asia Pacific at Natixis, Alicia García Herrero, told Joanne Wong the growth was built on a huge trade surplus, which is not sustainable: