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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Health chief warns of another Covid rebound as flights are halted  Listenfacebook
Flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines will be suspended from Tuesday for at least two weeks. This comes after a coronavirus case in the Jordan Road area of Kowloon was linked to a man confirmed on Saturday to have a more infectious mutation of the disease despite previously undergoing quarantine. As Frances Sit reports, the flight ban was announced after health officials reported on Sunday that 29 recent arrivals, mostly from India, had been confirmed with Covid-19:
Double vaccination under investigation   Listenfacebook
Health officials are investigating how a man was given both the Sinovac and BioNTech vaccines. They've urged medical workers to check patients' details before inoculating them. Violet Wong has the details:
Concerns raised over ‘vaccine bubble’ plan  Listenfacebook
The Democratic Party has urged the government to offer exemptions and alternatives for unvaccinated people when it launches its "vaccine bubble" scheme amid concerns over whether people will be forced to take Covid jabs under the plan. Officials intend to ease pandemic restrictions on April 29 but only for those who've been inoculated against the coronavirus. Since the announcement at least one restaurant chain has told its workers to get vaccinated if they want to keep working. Violet Wong reports:
Pandemic leaves students few avenues to relieve stress   Listenfacebook
A survey measuring pupils' stress ahead of next week's start of university entrance exams suggests the pandemic is taking a toll on their mental well-being. The Hok Yau Club also said students lacked outlets to relieve stress given that many sports venues were closed because of social distancing measures. Timmy Sung reports.
Amendment to security law possible to tackle ‘fake news’   Listenfacebook
The chairman of the Hong Kong Journalists Association, Chris Yeung, says he’s extremely concerned about press freedom after Police Commissioner Chris Tang warned that the national security law could be used to tackle “fake news”. For two days running, the police chief accused a newspaper of linking children who attended the police college's national security education open day on Thursday to "black violence". Tang didn’t mention the newspaper involved but it’s identity is no mystery, as regular RTHK contributor and legal academic Danny Gittings told Mike Weeks:
US urged to boost cooperation with China  Listenfacebook
Vice foreign minister Le Yucheng says US policy towards China is “too negative" and appears to highlight confrontation and downplay cooperation. In an interview with the Associated Press, he also defended the crackdown on opposition figures here, saying it would not be strange for Hong Kong to become more like a mainland city as it is a part of China. Richard Pyne reports:
China and US to work together to tackle climate change   Listenfacebook
China and the United States say they're committed to working together and with other countries on tackling climate change. The joint statement comes ahead of this week’s virtual summit the US President, Joe Biden, is hosting with dozens of world leaders. It also follows last week's visit to China by the US climate envoy, John Kerry. The statement said the two sides had agreed to press ahead with their respective emission reduction goals, as well as to help developing countries finance a switch to low carbon energy. Mike Weeks asked RTHK’s Washington correspondent Barry Wood if President Xi Jinping is now expected to take part in Thursday’s summit: