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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Controversial immigration bill backed by Legco  Listenfacebook
Lawmakers have overwhelmingly voted in favour of an immigration bill that the government hopes will screen illegal immigrants at source amid a large backlog of asylum applications. It takes effect on August 1. But critics fear it could be used to prevent people from leaving as well as entering Hong Kong, with no leave to appeal. Maggie Ho reports:
Subsidiary legislation planned to clarify immigration bill   Listenfacebook
The Secretary for Security, John Lee, has sought to allay concerns over the immigration reform bill passed on Wednesday that gives the authorities the power to ban anyone leaving or entering Hong Kong, with no right to appeal. He said subsidiary legislation will be drafted to ensure this only applies to inbound flights. Lee also pointed out that the Basic Law protects people's freedom to travel. But a member of a concern group on the new law told RTHK it doesn't help that the government plans to draft even more legislation to make it clear that it's only aimed at arrivals. Barrister Chow Hang-tung spoke to Violet Wong:
People isolated over false Covid tests remain in ‘quarantine prison’  Listenfacebook
The government is threatening to terminate its contract with BGI if the mainland laboratory recently involved in Covid testing blunders is found to have committed serious mistakes. Authorities also said they may take the lab off the list of service providers in future tenders. BGI returned 28 false-positive results nine days ago, leading to many people being quarantined. Some are still in isolation, including one couple now planning to demand compensation from the government. Wong Yin-ting has their story:
Government urged to relax vaccination rules for restaurant staff  Listenfacebook
Leaders of the catering industry are up in arms over their new operating guidelines that have now come into force amid the further relaxation of anti-pandemic measures. They say they've been blindsided by the requirement for staff to produce a doctor's note if they refuse their employers' request for them to get vaccinated against Covid-19. While jabs aren't mandatory, having staff inoculated is a prerequisite for pubs and clubs to reopen on Thursday. Frances Sit reports:
CE says possible border crossings preventing Macau travel bubble  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive Carrie Lam says the government is trying to work out how Hong Kong can form a travel bubble with Macau, but there are problems to be ironed out. Damon Pang reports:
Local Cathay staff offered voluntary redundancy  Listenfacebook
Cathay Pacific is offering its local-based pilots and cabin crew voluntary redundancy, as part of efforts to further slash costs amid the pandemic. Priscilla Ng reports:
Stressed mother pleads for leniency in child abuse case  Listenfacebook
A woman, who admitted assaulting her special needs children by pouring boiling water over them, has pleaded for leniency in court. She said she'd been under enormous stress as her husband was work shy and never helped out at home. Wong Yin-ting reports:
Bus driver jailed for four years over killer crash  Listenfacebook
A bus driver's been sentenced to four years in prison over a traffic accident on Fanling Highway that killed six people in December 2019. Vicky Wong has more:
Revamped liberal studies to have heavy ‘China today’ focus  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive Carrie Lam says the government is determined to improve national education to make sure Beijing's policies towards Hong Kong don't go to waste. Damon Pang reports:
Detained protesters leave prisons bursting at the seams   Listenfacebook
The Correctional Services Department has complained of overcrowding at two of its detention centres, with the number of people remanded in custody hitting a decade high due to a spike in arrests made over the 2019 anti-government protests. Wendy Wong reports:
Carrie Lam makes debut as TV host   Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, made her maiden appearance as a TV presenter for RTHK on Wednesday. The first two pre-recorded episodes of the programme she hosts were aired on the station's TV 31. It’s called "Get to Know the Election Committee Subsectors” and features Lam chatting with guests from different subsectors. New episodes will air on the channel every day until the middle of May. The Chief Executive’s first two guests were Bunny Chan, the chairman of the pro-establishment Kowloon Federation of Associations, and local National People’s Congress deputy Wong Yuk-shan. Mike Weeks asked veteran democrat and broadcaster Emily Lau what they had to say:
Immigration told to clear bogus marriage backlog   Listenfacebook
The Audit Commission has called on the Immigration Department to clear a backlog of suspected bogus marriage cases in Hong Kong. Vicky Wong reports: