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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
HK sees first untraceable case of Covid mutation  Listenfacebook
A person in Hong Kong has caught the more infectious South African variant of the coronavirus from an unknown local source for the first time. Confirmation of the infection of the Filipino domestic worker has seen an entire block in Tung Chung sent for three weeks quarantine. Wendy Wong reports:
Judges say interpretation of terrorism too wide   Listenfacebook
The High Court has told prosecutors that their interpretation of a “terrorist act” is too wide in the case against the first person charged under Hong Kong's national security law. Violet Wong has the details:
War of words erupts between auditor and immigration  Listenfacebook
The Immigration Department has reacted with fury to a report by the Audit Commission recommending that a backlog of suspected bogus marriage cases be cleared up. It sought to ridicule the watchdog for what it described as ill-informed criticism. But the auditor hit back, urging the disciplined service to start abiding by government rules on public statements. Vicky Wong has more on the row:
Bus stabber jailed for life   Listenfacebook
A 26-year-old civil engineer has been sentenced to life in prison, after a jury found him guilty of murdering his girlfriend on a double-decker bus in 2017. Jimmy Choi reports:
Not all customers satisfied as bars reopen   Listenfacebook
Bars across Hong reopened to customers on Thursday night, after being shut for months because of the coronavirus pandemic. But as Joanne Wong reports, some Lan Kwai Fong patrons were turned away under the new vaccination and Covid app requirements ordered by the government:
Entertainment venues struggle with complex new rules  Listenfacebook
Some bar and club operators chose to remain shut on Thursday night, despite the relaxation of pandemic restrictions, as they work out how to comply with the various conditions the government has imposed. Frances Sit reports:
Relaxed restaurant rules ‘incomprehensible’   Listenfacebook
A number of restaurants also decided not to adopt the new government-mandated measures, which would allow them to seat more people at each table and allow them to keep serving beyond 10pm. They said they were not worth the trouble or they simply could not comply. The owner of the Grappa's restaurant chain, James Robertson, said he found the arrangements confusing. He also told Annemarie Evans it's not easy trying to get his staff vaccinated:
‘Almost no restaurants’ take full advantage of new opening plan   Listenfacebook
The president of the Federation of Restaurants and Related Trades ,Simon Wong, described the new requirements for the industry as very complicated. Wong said although some larger restaurants are well equipped to handle them, many smaller ones are not. He spoke to Janice Wong:
New app for ID checks  Listenfacebook
Police say they're going to give frontline officers a new app to let them verify a person’s ID more quickly. Officers out on the streets will no longer have to check people's details with their colleagues back in the office. Jimmy Choi reports:
Ban urged on e-cigarettes as smoking soars among the young   Listenfacebook
Research by the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Medicine suggests that boredom during the coronavirus pandemic as well as advertising and attractive packaging have pushed young people in record numbers into trying out electronic cigarettes. That’s despite the harm they cause. Dr. William Li, who led the survey, said e-cigarettes contain even more toxic substances than regular cigarettes and pose long-term health risks. He told Mike Weeks about the study’s findings:
China’s space station starts to take shape   Listenfacebook
China has launched the first module of its Tiangong space station -- a milestone in its ambitious plan to establish a permanent human presence in space. Richard Pyne reports.