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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Under-16s could be added to vaccination programme  Listenfacebook
The government is looking at extending the Covid vaccination programme to younger children, as long as such a move is shown to be scientifically safe. So far more than 1.2 million people in Hong Kong have received at least one dose of vaccine, while just over 824,000 have had two. Damon Pang reports:
Officials urged to act fast on vaccine incentives before stocks expire   Listenfacebook
The number of fully vaccinated people in Hong Kong currently stands at just over 10 percent. Pro-establishment parties say if the government wants to rapidly boost this rate, it's going to have to start offering people rewards. Members of the New People's Party (NPP) and Civil Force have proposed four days of paid vaccination leave, HK$2,000 vouchers and a lottery just for those who've been inoculated. Wong Yin-ting asked NPP member, Dominic Lee, why so few people are turning out for their jabs:
Wa Ying College sees funding request pulled   Listenfacebook
A secondary school, that has missed out on funding for a multimillion-dollar redevelopment scheme, insists it's always groomed its students to be law-abiding and non-violent. As Damon Pang reports, Wa Ying College found itself at the centre of controversy after some lawmakers intimated it was linked to the 2019 protests:
June 4 organisers ‘open to any reasonable proposal’   Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Alliance In Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China is set to meet the police on Thursday to discuss its application to hold an event to remember the victims of the brutal military crackdown on the Tiananmen Square democracy movement on June 4, 1989. It's still not clear whether a candlelight vigil in Victoria Park will be able to go ahead as has happened every year since. Mike Weeks asked the alliance's vice-chairwoman, Chow Hang-tung, how hopeful she is that any kind of event might be given permission from the police:
Ambassador moved to head up Foreign Ministry office in HK   Listenfacebook
Beijing has announced a new head of its Foreign Ministry office in Hong Kong. Veteran diplomat Liu Guangyuan is being moved here to replace Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng. Tom McAlinden reports:
Motive queried for moving ahead now on overseas-doctor plan   Listenfacebook
Medical sector lawmaker Pierre Chan says the government's decision to push ahead with plans to allow overseas-trained doctors to work in Hong Kong can only be a political move, being as everyone else is focused on tackling the pandemic. Wong Yin-ting reports:
Frontline doctors expect to have little say on overseas-medic plan   Listenfacebook
The head of the Public Doctors' Association, Arisina Ma, says everybody appointed to the committee to implement the plan on overseas-trained doctors is likely to toe the government's line. She believes frontline medics will end up with very little say on the matter. Ma told Jimmy Choi that concerns are growing that the selection process will be politically driven:
Felix Chung says time is not right to move on holidays   Listenfacebook
A pro-Beijing union says the number of statutory holidays for grassroots workers should be increased from 12 to 17 days within the next three years. That would be far quicker than the nine-year time frame the government is proposing. The current proposal - which is scheduled to be tabled to the Legislative Council in the coming months - is to add one day every two years, starting with Buddha’s Birthday next year. But the Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions says the number of statutory holidays has remained at 12 for more than two decades. It says employers have had plenty of time to prepare for changes. But the leader of the pro-business Liberal Party, Felix Chung, disagrees. He spoke to Janice Wong:
Covid keeps Bun Festival crowds at bay  Listenfacebook
Buddha's Birthday saw Cheung Chau welcoming back visitors on Wednesday for the annual Bun Festival. But for the second year in a row it was a rather subdued affair with no parade, a much shorter than usual bun tower and a ban on anyone scaling it. Brian Mok reports:
PBOC warning sends cryptocurrencies plunging   Listenfacebook
There has been some extremely volatile trading in cryptocurrencies after China warned banks on Wednesday about their use. At one point, bitcoin was trading at less than half the all-time high it reached last month. Carolyn Wright asked Ben Emons, managing director of macro strategy at Medley Global Advisors, why the warning had such an impact on markets: