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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Janice Wong


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CE says no district by-elections this year  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive Carrie Lam has admitted the district councils are no longer fully functional and representative, after more than 200 members resigned. The resignations come amid an oath-taking controversy, whereby district councillors in future will need to swear allegiance to the government and those who fail requirements will be disqualified. Despite the loss of almost half the councillors, Lam says it's impossible to hold by-elections anytime soon to fill the vacant seats. Wendy Wong reports:
Councillor questions legality of election announcement  Listenfacebook
Southern district councillor, Paul Zimmerman, says he's surprised that district by-elections won't take place until next year, saying they could easily be held in conjunction with Legco elections, due in December. Zimmerman also told Samantha Butler that the announcement should have come from electoral authorities:
CE says she’s not above all laws  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive says she'll still face legal consequences if she carries out criminal acts. But when it comes to matters involving integrity, Carrie Lam says she can't be subject to legislation that applies to other public officers. In the past, the CE has said she transcends the executive, legislature and judiciary branches. Maggie Ho reports:
RTHK banned from using ‘inappropriate’ Taiwan terms  Listenfacebook
RTHK staff have been banned from using what are described as “inappropriate” terms such as “Taiwan’s President” or “Taiwan Government” in all radio, television and online output, to comply with the one-China principle. Wendy Wong reports:
No new confirmed cases after overnight lockdowns  Listenfacebook
No confirmed cases have been found in two overnight lockdowns in Tai Koo Shing and Wan Chai. A total of 495 residents were tested. It comes after Hong Kong reported a total of seven new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, all imported. Six have the more-contagious L452R mutation. Meanwhile the government has extended the current social distancing measures, and added new regulations on certain types of events. It says from Thursday, meetings, forums, and exhibitions, as well as events such as weddings and business meetings, can run at full capacity as long as two thirds of attendees have had at least one Covid jab. The government said the aim was to gradually resume social and economic activities in a controlled way. Timmy Sung reports on the lockdowns:
Warning on raw foods during summer  Listenfacebook
The Centre for Food Safety says while most food items it tested passed government testing, people should still be careful with raw or under-cooked food. In two months of tests conducted by officials, 99 percent of food was found to be safe but three samples from clams didn't meet standards. Assistant Director Jackie Leung from Centre for Food Safety told RTHK's Natale Ching that people should be especially vigilant during summer:
CE says homosexuality still highly controversial  Listenfacebook
The Chief Executive Carrie Lam has dismissed the idea that the popularity of a local TV drama involving a gay romance suggests a growing acceptance of homosexuality in Hong Kong, saying the issue is still "very, very controversial". Maggie Ho reports:
Verdict on NSL suspect expected Tuesday  Listenfacebook
On the last day of national security suspect Tong Ying-kit’s 15-day trial, a defence lawyer told the judge that the slogan “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times” was not capable of inciting others to commit secession because the words were too vague. But the prosecution insists what the defendant did amounted to inciting others to commit secession. Jimmy Choi reports:
Suspected manslaughter in Sham Shui Po  Listenfacebook
A man has been charged with manslaughter, after a man he allegedly hurt in a street fight, died yesterday. The case will be mentioned at West Kowloon Magistrates' Courts on Wednesday morning. Robert Kemp reports:
Metro station floods in Zhengzhou  Listenfacebook
The People's Liberation Army is warning that a stricken dam in Henan province could collapse at any time due to storm damage. In the provincial capital Zhengzhou, state media says torrential rain caused at least 12 deaths in the downtown area. Weather authorities say a year's worth of rain has fallen in just three days - the largest amount since records began. Robert Kemp reports: