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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
HK swim queen wins silver Olympic medal   Listenfacebook
For two minutes on Wednesday, Hong Kong held its collective breath as swimming hero Siobhan Haughey faced down the biggest names in the sport and swum the race of her life to win a hard-earned silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics in the 200-metres freestyle. Her silver together with the gold for fencer Cheung Ka-long's earlier in the week already make Tokyo the most successful games ever for Hong Kong. And the Olympics spirit was shining brightly across the city, with people at home, in offices and shopping malls cheering for their home-town hero. Jimmy Choi reports:
DAB member apologises for Olympic T-shirt row   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong badminton player Angus Ng has crashed out of the Olympics after a surprise loss to Guatemala's Kevin Cordon in the men’s singles. Ng's Olympics were clouded somewhat after he became the target of criticism from pro-Beijing figure Nicholas Muk because of his choice of T-shirt in an earlier match. Well now the DAB member has issued an apology for his remarks. Frances Sit reports:
Duterte begs penance from Olympic weightlifter   Listenfacebook
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has urged Olympic weightlifting champion Hidilyn Diaz to let bygones be bygones, two years after his government named her in a chart claiming to show a plot to undermine him. Robert Kemp has more:
Tokyo suffers Olympic Covid surge   Listenfacebook
Tokyo has recorded its highest daily total of new coronavirus infections, despite a state of emergency declared before the start of the Olympic Games. Authorities say the city recorded 3,177 Covid-19 cases on yesterday - 16 of which were connected to the Olympics. The Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, brushed aside questions about whether the Tokyo games could still be held safely, but concerns are rising. RTHK's Tokyo correspondent Julian Ryall spoke to Richard Pyne about the pandemic spike:
Government urged to send teams out to inoculate the elderly   Listenfacebook
A third child of a Saudi Arabian consular employee in Hong Kong has been confirmed to have Covid-19. The 17-year-old is the sister of two younger children who tested positive for the virus after flouting home-quarantine requirements earlier this month. She was the only new infection confirmed on Wednesday. That came as an expert in infectious diseases urged the government to send outreach teams to housing estates to vaccinate elderly people against Covid-19. Wendy Wong reports:
UK to end quarantine for vaccinated from the US and Europe   Listenfacebook
In Britain, Covid infections are rising again, ending a seven-day run of falling case numbers. Despite that, the UK government has announced that fully-vaccinated people in the EU or US will not need to isolate when coming to England, Scotland and Wales from amber list areas. London-based correspondent Gavin Grey told Mike Weeks that the move is intended to give business a boost, and to allow some British expats to reunite with loved ones:
SFC director to lead investigation of Next Digital   Listenfacebook
The government has invoked rarely used powers under the Companies Ordinance to launch an investigation of the financial affairs of Next Digital, which has seen several senior executives charged with national security offences. Joanne Wong reports.
Government accused of ‘political grandstanding’ over Next probe   Listenfacebook
The last time the government used the Companies Ordinance to appoint a Financial Investigator was over two decades ago in 1999, following the collapse of investment bank Peregrine. But activist investor David Webb says the use of this power - for listed companies such as Next Digital - has been in abeyance since 2003. That was when the stronger powers of the Securities and Futures Commission came into effect. The SFC said on Wednesday that it would also be looking into Next Digital and coordinating with the investigator. Webb questioned the need for the special investigation, as Robert Kemp reports:
Former hospital union head bailed after five months in jail   Listenfacebook
The High Court has released one of the 47 opposition politicians and activists being held on subversion charges over their involvement in last year's pan-democrat primaries for the subsequently postponed Legislative Council elections. As Jimmy Choi reports, Winnie Yu who was the former head of a hospital workers union, was freed on HK$50,000 bail:
Two dozen domestic helpers held over money laundering   Listenfacebook
Police say they have arrested 29 people, including 24 foreign domestic workers, in connection with a suspected HK$27 million money laundering scheme. Wendy Wong has the details:
Doctor's punishment challenged over drugs death  Listenfacebook
The wife of a man who died of kidney failure after being given inappropriate medication has launched a legal challenge of the Medical Council's decision to give the doctor responsible a probation order. Relatives say the decision was too lenient, and complained that the doctor never apologised to the family. Tim Pang, from the Society for Community Organisation, is helping with the judicial review application. He spoke to Wong Yin-ting:
‘More accurate’ non-invasive test for colon cancer   Listenfacebook
Researchers from the Chinese University have developed a new, non-invasive test for colon cancer that they say can catch the disease at its earliest stages. The new M3 CRC test is being billed as a replacement for the FIT check, which is only around 50 percent accurate. The researchers say the new process - which also involves the testing of stool samples - is far-more accurate and is just as effective as colonoscopy, without any of the discomfort. Project leader, Professor Francis Chan, told Natale Ching the new test is the result of a decade-long project:
Officials pressed to move on 2001 pedestrianisation plan   Listenfacebook
A proposal to pedestrianise Queen's Road Central will move into a new gear on Thursday as campaigners take to the streets to introduce the idea to people and businesses. The plan was taken to the Transport Department a year ago - and campaigners say it has now been passed along to the Home Affairs Department. They say the idea needs buy-in from local businesses to proceed. The editor of Transit Jam, James Ockenden, is one of the campaigners. He told Mike Weeks the plan was first mooted two decades ago: