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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Non-permanent residents to be included in handout  Listenfacebook
Adult permanent residents are set to get another $5,000 worth of consumption vouchers in August. But the government has added new conditions: people who are deemed to have 'permanently left' the city or intend to do so will not be eligible for the handout; while those who are on track to get permanent residency here will get the vouchers. As Wendy Wong reports, the Financial Secretary Paul Chan says the changes were made after critics complained that people who have left the SAR should not get the money:
'Evoucher scheme punishes people who leave'  Listenfacebook
A professor says there are both economic and political reasons for excluding people who are leaving Hong Kong from the next round of consumption vouchers. Associate economics professor, Kevin Tsui, from Clemson University in the United States, says people who do not live here cannot spend the money in the local economy. He also told Janice Wong that the scheme would now be rewarding people for staying, and punishing those who leave:
CHP warns Covid tally could reach four digits  Listenfacebook
Health officials reported 737 new Covid infections on Monday - around 80 fewer than the previous day. But they warned the tally could reach four digits. Violet Wong reports:
Probe launched into fatal gondola plunge  Listenfacebook
An investigation has been launched into an accident that claimed the lives of two workers in Mid-Levels on Monday. They plunged to their deaths after the gondola platform they were on in a Conduit Road tower block collapsed late in the morning. The Labour Department has ordered the contractor not to carry out any more work involving suspended working platforms at the site until safety measures have been put in place that its inspectors are satisfied with. Timmy Sung reports:
Engineer says gondola accident 'rare'  Listenfacebook
A veteran mechanical engineer says gondola accidents, such as the one at Realty Gardens, are rare. Louis Szeto, a fellow at the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, told Timmy Sung that the testing or inspection of a gondola should start from the ground floor:
Mixed reaction to tunnel congestion charge  Listenfacebook
Views are divided over a government proposal to impose congestion charges at the three cross-harbour tunnels. The Transport Bureau said the charges could be introduced after the government takes back the Western Harbour Crossing when its franchise agreement ends in August 2023. Mike Weeks reports:
Dynamic tunnel pricing 'long overdue'  Listenfacebook
A transportation expert says it makes perfect sense to have dynamic pricing in the tunnels if the goal is to move more people than vehicles through them. Alok Jain, CEO and managing director of Trans-Consult, says the $75 charge for private cars is not enough to deter drivers from using the Western Harbour Crossing during peak-hours. He told Samantha Butler about the importance of encouraging people to use public transport:
Police prepare for 25th handover anniversary  Listenfacebook
The police say officers are conducting risk assessments and intelligence gathering to ensure activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover will be conducted smoothly and safely. They are also planning some activities of their own, as Timmy Sung reports:
Property managers warned over data collection  Listenfacebook
The privacy commissioner has announced updated guidelines on the collection, retention and use of personal data by property managers, after receiving hundreds of complaints against the industry in the past few years. As Frank Yung reports, this follows its recent investigation of four complaints against property management companies over alleged mishandling of information on residents and visitors:
Millions under mandatory Covid testing in Beijing  Listenfacebook
Beijing authorities have described a Covid-19 outbreak traced to a 24-hour bar as "ferocious". Millions now face mandatory testing and thousands have been put under targeted lockdowns, as Frank Yung reports:
Nine arrested over attack on women in Tangshan  Listenfacebook
Nine men have been arrested in the city of Tangshan, near Beijing, on suspicion of violently assaulting several women at a restaurant. Authorities took action after surveillance footage of the attack prompted outrage on mainland social media. Aaron Tam reports: