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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ben Tse and Samantha Butler


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QR code needed before boarding inbound flight  Listenfacebook
The government says it will trial an upgraded electronic health declaration system from Thursday under which inbound travellers will have to complete an electronic health declaration form and get a QR code before boarding their flights to Hong Kong. Officials say the move is aimed at speeding up arrival quarantine procedures. Priscilla Ng reports:
Over 4,000 Covid cases, four days running  Listenfacebook
For the fourth consecutive day, Hong Kong has recorded over 4,000 new daily coronavirus cases. Health authorities also say they are closely monitoring the spread of monkeypox around the world after the World Health Organisation declared it a global health emergency. Joanne Wong reports:
Appeal for booster shots amid Covid case rise  Listenfacebook
The Dean of the Chinese University's medical school, Francis Chan, has warned that the daily number of Covid-19 infections may top 10,000 as the upward trend continues. As Wendy Wong reports, he says the priority now is to encourage as many people as possible to get their booster shots:
Two hikers day on third hottest day on record  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's sizzling weekend of very hot weather continued on Sunday, with the SAR recording its third warmest day since records began in 1884. Officials have warned the public to take extra care after two people died during hikes. Joanne Wong reports:
Decline in student population could be temporary  Listenfacebook
The head of an education concern group says he supports short-term measures to deal with the shrinking student population, as tens of thousands of cross-border students could return once the pandemic situation stabilised. Last week, an alliance of secondary school principals called for class numbers to be maintained but class sizes be reduced. Mervyn Cheung from the Hong Kong Education Policy Concern Organisation says the Education Bureau was not in favour of this, as it felt the decline in students was systemic. Cheung told Ben Tse that officials should make use of the opportunity to introduce small-class teaching to improve the overall learning experience for pupils:
Subdivided tenants still overcharged for utilities  Listenfacebook
A grassroots organisation has urged the government to strengthen enforcement of its tenancy control law on subdivided flats, saying it has not barred landlords from overcharging tenants for utilities. The legislation, which came into effect in January this year, stipulates that landlords cannot charge their tenants unreasonable water and electricity fees. But the Society for Community Organisation, or SoCO, says it surveyed 550 tenants last month and found over 70 percent of them were still overcharged for water and electricity. SoCO's deputy director, Sze Lai-shan, told Kelly Yu that the recent heatwave had made matters worse and officials should do more to address people's plight:
Finance chief says huge reserves will maintain peg  Listenfacebook
The Financial Secretary Paul Chan has warned of challenges facing Hong Kong's economic recovery amid the imminent interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve and other central banks. But he stressed that the city's economy remained resilient. Wendy Wong reports:
Lab module successfully docks with China's space station  Listenfacebook
China's Wentian lab module has been successfully sent into space and has docked with the new Tiangong space station that is under construction. Wentian is the second of three modules needed to complete the station, which is expected to come into full operation later this year. Joanne Wong reports:
Temporary reprieve in 'gig-worker' protest  Listenfacebook
Truckers in the US state of California have been protesting over a new state law known as the 'gig-worker' law. Operations at the Oakland seaport ground to a near standstill last week after protesters blocked terminal gates. The protesters took a break on Saturday and some said they would continue their action on Monday. RTHK’s US economics correspondent, Barry Wood, told Samantha Butler what the gig-worker law was and why truckers wanted to be exempt: