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Psychiatric health / Haw Par Mansion reopening to public


Psychiatric health / Haw Par Mansion reopening to public

 On Tuesday's Backchat, we're looking into psychiatric care for people with mental illness, after two shoppers were fatally stabbed at a Diamond Hill mall on Friday.
The alleged murderer -- a 39 year old unemployed man without known links to the victims -- suffers from schizophrenia and was receiving treatment at an outpatient clinic.
The following day, a 24 year-old man with a history of psychosis was arrested on suspicion of threatening his neighbours with a pair of knives.
Meanwhile, in another tragedy a mother was arrested on suspicion of killing her three daughters at a flat in Sham Shui Po.
We'll be talking to specialists about how to limit the risk of such incidents occurring in society. And what about the effects of the shocking images circulating online?
After 9:45, we get more from a tour guide on the attraction of the Haw Par Mansion, which is reopening to the public.
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9:00am-9:45am: Psychiatric health

9:00am-9:45am: Dr Jimmy Dong, Registered Psychiatrist and Member of the Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists
9:00am-9:45am: Janet Tsang, CEO of the Samaritans
9:00am-9:45am: Terry Lum, Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong

9:45am-10:00am: Haw Par Mansion

9:45am-10:00am: Bill Sievers, Licensed Tour Guide and Founder of Streets of Hong Kong Premium Tours


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