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Latest on Hong Kong protests


Latest on Hong Kong protests

On today's Backchat, have plans for dialogue been derailed before they've left the station? Hundreds of District Councillors are due to meet the Government in the afternoon, but some democrats and some from the pro-establishment camp have already said they won't even attend. As the Administration also sets up an official Office of Dialogue and schedules public sessions, what are the chances of winning over sceptics? And a recent survey from CUHK found that 71.7% of respondents think police have used excessive force, while only 39.4% think the protestors have used excessive force. 55.7% agree and 26.9% disagree with the statement that 'when peaceful protest cannot make the government respond, protestors' radical action is understandable'.

8:30-9:30 Latest on Hong Kong protests

8:30-9:30 Nixie Lam BH, Tsuen Wan District Councillor, DAB

9:00-9:30 Kalvin Ho, Sham Shui Po District Councillor, ADPL


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