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The Sikh Community : Past, Present, and Future


The Sikh Community : Past, Present, and Future

In the nineteenth century, Britain recruited a large number of Indians from India to Hong Kong for police and defence duties, with Sikhs known for their bravery and discipline being the predominant group. These turban-wearing officers were known as ‘Big heads in green uniforms’, and their arrival marked the establishment of the Sikh community in Hong Kong.


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2024.05.14 TUE 10:30pm / RTHK32





Hong Kong Stories: Connected with Hong Kong : Namaste Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is an international metropolis that blends traditional and modern elements, creating a unique East-meets-West culture. It attracts talents from around the world to seek opportunities, chase dreams, even put down roots and settle down.
The TV documentary "Hong Kong Stories - Connected with Hong Kong: Nameste Hong Kong" features the Indian community in Hong Kong, exploring their stories in this open and diverse city. It depicts how Indian people integrate into the Chinese society, their perspectives on traditional religions, and their paths to success in business and education.
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