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Tai Kwun's cabaret show "LauZone", exhibition "To Be Continued" & in the studio: Helen Z


Tai Kwun's cabaret show "LauZone", exhibition "To Be Continued" & in the studio: Helen Z

Most of us in Hong Kong today are the descendants of people who came from Guangdong in the 19th to 20th centuries. As a result, the majority of Hong Kong’s population speaks Cantonese. A smaller percentage, now mostly the older generation and village residents, still speak other dialects. “LauZone” is a colloquial Cantonese term for non-Cantonese natives. It is also the title of a show in Tai Kwun’s “Spotlight” season of performing arts, that examines the relationship between identity and dialect.

"To be Continued”, the group exhibition currently on show at Sin Sin Fine Art, brings together the backgrounds, minds, experiences and styles of six artists from three generations. They are Ken Chung, Justin Hui, Grace Liu, Kate Ouyang, Wong Tong and Sin Sin Man herself, and they work in a variety of techniques and media including painting, photography, textiles, jewellery, and found, discarded or random everyday objects.

John and Michelle Phillips wrote the song “California Dreamin’” in the cold New York winter of 1963 as they were missing – and yes, dreaming of - sunny California days. It was first recorded by Barry McGuire, but it was their own version, as part of “The Mamas and the Papas, that made it popular around the world. “California Dream” is the title of local singer-song writer Helen Z’s new EP which contains eight English songs. Earlier this week, she came to our studio to tell us what California means to her.

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