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Zheng Bo @ Kadoorie Farm, Yin Xiuzhen @ CHAT & performance: Kelvin Leung and Aaron Lui


Zheng Bo @ Kadoorie Farm, Yin Xiuzhen @ CHAT & performance: Kelvin Leung and Aaron Lui

Artist Zheng Bo was born in Beijing and is now based in Hong Kong. His work emphasises social, ecological and community engagement. Nature and plants are recurrent subjects in his recent projects. Bo’s most recent pieces, on show till the 25th April in Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, focus on orchids.

Also from Beijing, Yin Xiuzhen finds her inspiration in the manmade world rather than the world of nature. Her work focuses on found objects and personal traces, which she bring together to reflect on our current status quo. On show at the Centre for Heritage Arts and Textile space, “Sky Patch” includes a series of video and installation works that references her mother’s past as a textile factory worker and her own practice of using textiles and garments in her work.

Harmonica player Kelvin Leung has been on the show before. He is back this time with guitarist Aaron Lui. Last November, the two performed a concert of movie soundtrack music together. For the show this week, they have prepared a Paganini piece originally for the violin and piano or guitar. We also chatted with them via Zoom.

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