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Beijing's HK corner

The two protagonists of this episode are former advertising professionals, one of them is residing in Beijing and the other in Hong Kong. The choice of where they live, to a certain extent, reflects their collective experience. The theme of this episode is: How to live a good life in a big change of environment.

Andrew went to study in Canada in 1983 while the Sino-British negotiation took place, and subsequently migrated to Canada with his family. He was particularly aware of his identity of being a Hong Konger when he was there. Ten years later, he returned to Hong Kong alone.

In 2003, when Hong Kong was hit by the Financial Crisis and SARS, Eliza and her husband Danny were not able to continue to work here, and they have been working and living in China since then.

Andrew loves the culture of Hong Kong, and has established a local cultural product brand as well as a web tv channel, so as to safeguard the core values of Hong Kong and the cultures that are on the verge of disappearing.

Living in China has inspired Eliza to create her own brand of trendy product. Work is only her 'part-time job', and she devotes all her spare time to her family. She thinks that living in Beijing can allow their kids more room for development, and this is one of the reasons that they stay in Beijing.

Ethos of Hong Kong People

Ethos of the Hong Kong People

Are Hong Kongers and non-Hong Kongers seeking the ethos of the Hong Kong People? Seeking the value of Hong Kong?

Are the core values of Hong Kong generally considered to be the spirit promoted in the TV series “Below the Lion Rock”, positive non-intervention, free market, “all for one and one for all”, mutual help and love, no pain no gain and rely on oneself?

Ten stories of Hong Kong people record how Hong Kong has changed, and seek the future direction of Hong Kong from the living experience in Hong Kong in the past.
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