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The Twilight Years

People of different generations and ages have their own pace of life: Some choose to charge ahead at all costs during their youth, while some opt to stop and enjoy the slow life when they are in their prime. Regardless of whether you decide to take it fast or slow, we can still choose the pace at which we want to live our lives in our twilight years.

82-year-old Grandpa Poon (Stephen POON Tak-mong) has been involved in volunteer work since he retired from his stable career in civil service more than 20 years ago. At first, he only thought of it as a way to pass the time. As the days went by, however, he realised that he also benefits greatly from it, leading him to truly understand the meaning of “giving is better than receiving”. For Grandpa Poon, these 20-odd years of volunteer service have filled both his schedule and his heart.

Meanwhile, 88-year-old Granny Cheng (CHENG Ling-yu) has devoted her entire life to caring for her family. When she was young, she worked in the garment industry to bring in additional income to support her family. She then quit her job in the latter stage of her life to take care of her grandchildren, shouldering the responsibility of looking after her family all on her own. Having experienced the trials and tribulations of life and tasted the bitterness of reality, Granny Cheng’s constant mention of “money” reflects the values of a particular faction of Hong Kongers.

This is a story about the daily lives of two individuals in their twilight years. It is also a portrayal of certain Hong Kongers.

Assistant Producer: Yim Pui-ying
Director: Pang Chi-man
Executive Producer: Ng Wai-in

Hong Kong Stories-Reflecting Hong Kong

A series of 10 programmes to understand the views and concerns of 10 different age groups of Hong Kong people on the situation and the future of Hong Kong.
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