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Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School


Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School

Tsang Pik Shan Secondary School, an affiliate of The Lotus Association of Hong Kong, rolls out the ‘Simple Technical Self-Development’ project to educate all people free from discrimination. New immigrants and the deprived will be the targets of assistance in studies and personal growth.

Every education opportunity involves some give-and-take. Students can practise English writing and speaking online one-on-one with English tutors from the University of Hong Kong bi-weekly. Teachers and students are also invited to learn about positive values from training on Growth Mindset. Another highlight of the programme is a visit to regional attractions in the Greater Bay Area, including the Peak, Zhuhai and Macau.

In return, students will avail themselves of this opportunity to spend time singing with the elderly and teaching primary students the subject of engineering science. They’ll also post videos of the cooking sessions online and assist primary students in open competitions by leveraging their computer literacy.
Teacher Cliff Yeung told Radio 3's Hugh Chiverton about the scheme - called Simple Technical Self Development.

No. of Beneficiaries: approximately 4,233 units

Direct Beneficiaries: 3,013
67 TPSSS teachers, 10 HKU English Tutors, 20 teachers from over twenty primary schools, 16 senior citizens in the cooking competition, over 200 senior citizens in “A Song Just for You” event, 200 TPSSS students, 2,500 primary school students from 20 primary schools

Indirect Beneficiaries: over 1,220
220 TPSSS students and students from other schools who will indirectly participate in the activities, 1,000 online users

Operation Santa Claus 2020 (Audio)

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Every Christmas, Operation Santa Claus helps make dreams come true for thousands of people across Hong Kong. Please join us this festive season and help make Christmas extra special for the people who need it most.

This year, Operation Santa Claus is helping 13 local charities raise money for various projects, including ones that support children and youths, and people with physical and mental disabilities.

Your help can make a real difference. Please support or donate now and share a bit of Christmas goodwill.

Operation Santa Claus (OSC) was established by the South China Morning Post and Radio Television Hong Kong to connect the local community with worthwhile charities. Since 1988, OSC has brought joy, goodwill and HK$260 million to 250 charities.
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