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In Touch with General Studies


In Touch with General Studies

Tai Po Old Market Public School (Plover Cove) places great importance on the teaching of General Studies, where there are a number of specialised teachers in this subject. CHEN Chi-chung has been teaching for more than 20 years, and he considers that General Studies is a subject that can achieve the objective of interdisciplinary education. General Studies is by no means “a subject of no importance”. The subject emphasises much on whole person development, and students can learn about natural environment, communities, history and culture, and arts and creation through diversified activities. It aims not only to impart knowledge but also to cultivate students’ values and humanistic qualities.

Regarding the curriculum design, teachers attach more importance to experiential learning activities, such as letting students work on the farmland in school to experience farmers’ hard work; students can also acquire general knowledge of farming and at the same time learn about science and astronomy. In addition, gaining on-hand experience in the community is one of the major teaching targets. Every year, TSANG Sui-lun takes his students on a tour to the Fu Shin Street market, which has a long history , so that students can observe people’s livelihood and at the same time learn about the history and culture of Tai Po . These experiential learning activities are much more effective than teaching by just reading aloud from textbooks.

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