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Episode 59 (Biodiversity/ Art Tech/ New Quality Productive Forces)


Episode 59 (Biodiversity/ Art Tech/ New Quality Productive Forces)

#59 Studio interview

Part 1: Two guests will tell us about the joy and challenges in establishing and maintaining the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum.

Dr Benoit Guénard
Director of Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum

Anders Yu
Education Manager of Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum

Part 2: Project director of “City in Time” will share his insight on the vital role of advanced technology in tourism. How AR created an immersive experience for locals and visitors.

Richard Allen
Chair Professor of Film and Media Art
City University of Hong Kong

- The Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum is the first museum in Hong Kong that is dedicated to biodiversity. It is currently managed by a team of experts from the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Hong Kong, together with the support from various scientists and partners.

- Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks gathered six renowned international and local artists for an elevated exhibition that celebrates the harmonious confluence of technology, sustainability and startup dynamism.

-“City in time”, a tourism project that makes use of augmented reality in the urban environment,

- A new exhibition hall at Hong Kong Productivity Council, which introducing the concept of new quality productive forces.

Vibrant Hong Kong

“Vibrant Hong Kong” is a dynamic and informative magazine program that provides a comprehensive picture of Hong Kong, not only as a financial and business center, but also a hub for innovation, culture, and entertainment.

Among the show’s various segments is an in-studio interview, for which experts and relevant figures are invited to share their insights and analyses on the latest developments and future directions in their respective fields.

Being a global metropolis, Hong Kong plays host to numerous international exhibitions, conferences, and sporting events. The program will keep viewers informed of all these happenings, as well as showcase the city’s unique cultural heritage and way of life. We will explore what makes Hong Kong such a special place, and why it is an appealing investment and tourism destination.

From business and innovation to culture and entertainment, our program offers a panoramic perspective of the energetic side of Hong Kong.
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