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I see things within 0.3 metre. I am a photographer


I see things within 0.3 metre. I am a photographer

Kwok Kin, who was born with 10% vision, loves photography. Even though he can only see things within 0.3 metre, his passion for photography is unbridled. He cannot see things clearly with his eyes, but he feels the world with the rest of his body. The other senses of visually impaired people, especially their sense of smell and touch, are much stronger than normal people. Kwok Kin makes use of this strength to develop his unique world of photography: if he can smell the flowers and feel them blooming in the trees, he can take a photo.

The world of photography is not only Kwok Kin’s playground , where he can unleash his boundless imagination, but it is also his eyes, allowing him to see.

Kwok Kin often goes the long way due to his visual impairment, but because of the long way, he can see more.

In this episode, our host Karan Cholia will travel around Hong Kong and take photos with Kwok Kin and Sightfeeling photographer Fishing Tsoi.

Inclusive Hong Kong (English version)

Let voices and views be heard and seen for ALL people, regardless of physical conditions and ethnicities. Our presenters, Karan Cholia, Omme Kulsoom, Vita Chan, Angel Leung, Keith Chan and Roy Shum, are physically challenged or ethnic minority. They visit people from all walks of life and show you stories of how everyone live together in Hong Kong as an inclusive society. Our guests also perform in this programme and have fun.

Let’s share our endeavours, dreams and aspirations with social perspective!
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